Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

I know it's been way to long!

Tanner and Landon paddling away
Landon and Brent eating yummy snowcones

Linda posing on the boat we actually put the sails up, put the boat in the water just for this picture then took the boat back out and wheeled it upon the shore. People just kind of looked at us like we were crazy!

We had just got to the lake on the first day so I made them all pose for this pic. Brent thought he was real funny with Jared's drink.

Just a picture that we took of ourselves at the pool!

The Thomson's, Bently, Tara and Jared

Shelby, Linda, Joyce (my mom) Dorathy (Bill's mom) at Temple square on my birthday

Flowers at the Temple.

For my birthday I wanted to ride trax and go downtown and do some shopping and wander through Temple Square. My Mom, Dorathy (Bill's Mom) my friend Lisa and her daughter Shelby all went. We had a great time! we walked through the area of the Temple that has the reflective pool and that is where we took the flower picture. Then venture back on trax and headed for the Gateway I was starving and I really wanted Mexican food so we went to Z tejas one of my favorites. Then off to do some major shopping. You know it's going to be a good one if Bill's Mom is around. She is "The Shopper" We had to hussle a bit because Shelby had a BMX race that she had to be home by 4 to be able to get to on time. (It was a state qualifier, I just tell you all now that she took first and dedicated the race to me......Oh yeah!!!) I got totally spoiled by both of my Moms I got 4 tops and 1 pair of capri's. It was a great day.

Over the 4th of July we headed for (you gussed it) Bear Lake where we stayed for 9 wonderful days. The Thomson's The cute little family in the above pictures came with us for the first 3 days. They are our neighbor's right across the street from us. Their little girl loves Tanner and Bill and they think she is pretty great too. Landon's friend Brent also came along and was a lot of fun. He is the one pretending to drink Jared's drink....(Jared is the neighbor) in the above pic. The pic of Bill and I took along time to get I must have taken 10 pics before I got this one (ok Bill had to use his long arm ) I just kept getting our eyes. The one of our boat is me pretending to steer the boat. Since redoing our frontroom we decided to put up pics of each of us doing something we like I think this will be mine. Bill and I actually went sailing it is the first time in years we have done that because the kids were to little to leave by themselves and we are usually up there by ourselves. This time I felt ok about leaving them, I guess so comfy that we sailed for about 3-4 hours straight. We had a blast. while we were sailing and the boys were canoeing and had a good time. We also went and got these giant snowcones they were delicous! It was just a great relaxing time. we all hated to have to come home.

A few weeks later we headed to Lava Hot Springs we went with the Spratt's (Wade, Lisa, Coldy and Shelby) the first day the kids rented tubs and floated down the river yes there was a few injuries but no casualties just scraps. They must have rode the river 4-5 times, the next day we headed to the pool which has 2 giant slides that make you go about 20-30 MPH! can you say Wedgie? Big time! but I guess not that bad I must have went on it 6 times. after a day at the pool and me diving off the divingboard and loosing my top (ok it didn't come completly off but bad enough) I am hoping I didn't tramatize any young person by that scene, I think Bill was able to block anyones view but who really knows? I knew immediatley what had happened when I came up out of the water and looked at Bill (and NO it was not a smile from ear to ear) he acutally had a look of shock! I was back under water in seconds. I have been laughing about that scene ever since. Thank heaven my boys and Colby had just swam away when I came up..Phew! Oh getting back to what we did after the pool, we headed to the hot springs where we were able to sit back and relax, we had been on the go all day. The next day was a repeat of the 1st without the swimsuit malfunction. but that evening Bill and I went and got a massage, that was abit of heaven! trust me we needed it. our ride home was a nightmare! we left on Friday around 10:30 by a little after 11:00 near Tremonton Bill looked out the side mirror and seen SMOKE! it was coming from the trailer we pulled off onto the emergency lane thinking we had a flat tire......oh how we wished! we actually had a broken leaf spring it is the thing that holds the 2 tires on the same side up and turning when it broke the tires feel into each other causing us to really burn rubber! can you say "New Tires"? well if you can't don't worry they are not new now. There was nothing we could do, here we are on I-15 we cannot go any further. we call a tow truck which shows up an hour and a half later and we are being charged $150.00 an hour. The driver measures our trailer only to tell us that he cannot tow us we are over the heighth restrictions. NOW WHAT TO DO? they deceided to take one wheel off and rig up the spring and have us drive ever so slowwwwly off the freeway just about a mile. SCARRY! we make it off and drive to this farm house and park the driver then takes the spring off and tells us he will go get another and come back out and relace it. It has been nearly 3 hours. (X 150.00) Bill is really uptight wondering how much this is going to cost us but what can you do. They come back ath 4:00 and put the new part on and we are back on the rode by 4:30. have you stopped to do the math we are 600.00 without parts and labor when the guy handed the bill to Bill it was not even 400.00 for everything. Wow what a relief! they had not been charging us the towing rate.....Thank You! we finally made it home at 6:00 WOW what a trip glad this all happened on the way home.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I took last Monday off being it was the first day that the kids didn't have school. I had to make a run to the DMV to renew my drivers liecense. While I was going I decided to let Landon try to take the test to get his learners permit. We got to the new DMV in Draper and there was only a few people in front of us, when it got to be our turn we found out that we had forgot to bring all of Landon's idenification. Back home we went we got Landon's SS card and his birth certificate filled out the form and headed back waited in line again only to find out that the birth certificate I had bought when he was younger is no longer considered a valid form of ID. It is the "mini" birth certificate, it is the size of a drivers license. So no test for Landon, I renew mine and on my way home I decide to stop and see what I needed to do to get a valid Birth Certificate for him. There is a vital stats offices in Sandy so we go there and they gave it to us on the spot, I look at Landon and ask are you up for another trip to the DMV? he replies with a why not! ok so trip number 3 we go back it is almost 2:30 and now the lines are a lot longer and nearly all the seats are filled oh well at this point I am here for the duration! It only takes a surprisingly 20 mins. He takes the test while he is doing so I sit as close as I can. After he finishes he stands up and shakes his head "NO" which means he didn't pass. I ask him if he wants to try again and since he just took it and was able to review all the questions and it showed him the correct answers that he missed he figures why not. he missed 5 and he can miss 3 so whats he got to lose? he gets back in line and gets another computer and starts over. This time he stands up and shakes his head a big "YES" he has passed. Now my thoughts are what the heck have I done???? now he wants to drive home, am I ready for this? I decide that I'll let him drive half way home and once we are closer to home it is nearly rush hour and we have to travel on some pretty busy roads. Once we hot 10th East and 12300 S. I feel a little safer to allow him to take the wheel. And he does pretty well. I have never let him go over 20 MPH so 35 is a big deal!

Now that a week has gone by he has driven about 2 hours and he is getting better, But still needs a lot more practice! Funny I remember being a great driver right off the bat! Right Mom? I really know I wasn't but it really feels that way to me....

The Start of Summer

On Wednesday June 3rd I received a text from Landon he wanted me to see what he and his friends had been doing. I often wonder what that group is up to and seriously nothing much surprises me. Today was a different story.....It took forever for the picture to show up on my phone and when I did I was totally shocked! I never dreamed that Landon would ever do this to his most prized possession, he had been saying his was going to do this but I thought he was all talk. Most of all I couldn't believe he let his friends do this to him. One thing that Landon forgot that day was that he had an orthodontist appointment and had to go looking like this. He said that the Dr Young took his hat off and fell off the chair laughing so hard he wanted Landon to know that he was in no way laughing at his hair but just merely laughing because he was so surprise to see it in Mohawk form.... After his appointment Bill dropped him back off at home while he was waiting for me to get home he waited outside, I am most confidant that he wanted as many people in the neighborhood to see what he had done, he likes to get a rise out of people and he got it that day. I was certain that he was going to cause a wreck. He had many people driving by with their mouths dropped open and couldn't take their eyes off of him.. When I pulled up all I could do was laugh. I really couldn't believe it was Landon. It is truly the craziest thing he has ever done. Later that night he went back to his friends and finished it off!! It was fun while it lasted but I have to say I am glad it's gone. Tanner decided to go with him and he came home with no hair as well. Landon's friend Charlie decided it would be cool to do the reverse Mohawk, that being shaved down the middle leaving the sides long. then in the back he left a long squirrel tail. For those of who who have boys but not teenage boys this is what your in for! The best advise I can give is to just roll with this kind of stuff, there is a lot more other things to take seriously. It's just hair and it will grow back, not only that but he cut his hair himself which I am not all that sad about. I really can't wait for the Shag look to go out. So for now I'll enjoy the buzz! I hope I was able to give you all a good chuckle. Just think of it this way this was before school eneded I have a whole summer ahead of me!! The first picture was taken just one week after he totally shaved his head. We having bets on how fast it will grow back....Who wants in on his bet? He thinks it will be back to his shag before school starts...I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Temple Celebration

What an AWESOME event! tonight was the the celebration of the Draper Temple. There was over 7,000 kids that performed in this event. Tanner was involved in the dance portion of our stake/regional performance. Our Regions time event was the "Railroad" There was 10 dances tonight and was broadcast throught out this side of the valley at several Stake Centers. I took with me Scott Walker/Tanners friend who is staying with for the next 4 nights because his parents are on vacation. and my mom and her friend Aleene Gygi. we took tracks down we left at 6:00 and it started at 8:00 the conference center was packed very few seat were left open. I am really glad Tanner to this opportunity to be invloved in this what a great experience this was for him something he will remember for along time. Good job Tanner! you did a good job!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

This being Memorial Day brings to my mind and spirit a reflection of my past. I remember when I was young the excitement of this weekend, it meant fun times! I loved the family times, going to a BBQ getting all the flowers for the graves of my Grandparents. and the times of going to the cemetery to put the pretty flowers on the graves, meeting up with cousins, aunts and uncles, just being with family and friends. It also meant the beginning of Summer! But now that I am a lot older and having many other life experiences this weekend means something more now! I reflect on the many Men and Women who have sacrificed their life and changed their families lives forever so the rest of us can continue on with our own lives being free to do what ever we want. I am truly thankful for their service to keep America the America we have always known. Then next I ponder about how death has changed my personal life and how different things could be if the people I love were still here. I think about how life would be with a 18 year old daughter just getting ready to graduate from high school with the rest of her life challanges ahead of her. Wondering where her road would be taking her, and what kind of choices she has made and will make? It all is a blur it has been so long since I have seen her, but yet I can still see her sweet round face with her big blue eyes. and can hear her little giggle. I wish for just one more embrace with her, to hear her say Mom. But this was not meant to be. I am sad at times and relived at others because she did not have the face the hard times of being a teenager trying to figure out who she wants to be, she knows who she is and what her future holds, it's the rest of her that has the battle to carry on to be the best we can be to get where she is. I am gratful for the peace that I have that she is Ok that I will see her again. I LOVE you Jailee with all my heart! To my Dad that has been gone nearly 12 years, the man I loved and still love. I am gratful for the presence you are in my life for all the wonderful things you taught me. You are the rock of our family. The one we went to with our concerns. you gave us peace and strength to do what was right. you taught us well Dad. Thank You. I miss you, mom misses you and so do your grandchildren. We are sso happy to know that we will see you again. Love you with all our hearts!!

So now you know why my feelings for this weekend have changed over the years. I just have one thing to tell you all and that is don't take your loved ones for granted. Life has away with changing things up and tomorrow you may not have the chance to give that last hug, kiss and to say I love you. so take that opportunity to day pick up the phone or take a drive, but by the days end tell someone you love them! I know I will!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The First Day of A Long Weekend

Yesterday afternoon, after Tanner got home from school Bill and Tanner headed off to Moab. It was kind of a last minute idea so they had no reservations and no plans other than to ride their little legs off on the mountain bikes. Traffic was heavy leaving the city, the maxium speed was about 45 MPH until they got to the Prcie area. They reached Moab about 7:30pm, it was raining and they were hungry! they drove around to many camp sites but all were full, even the tent sites. Our next door neighbors were planning on going down today for the rest of the weekend. Bill wanted to talk to them to let them know of the camping situation so I took my cell phone across the street so they could chat. I never heard back from them until this morning at 10:00am Apparently they ended up sleeping the car, not very comfy! and they ended up eating at burger king wow what a Great Birthday dinner for Tanner he turned 14 yesterday. so this whole trip was what he wanted to do for his birthday. They have found a camping spot this morning so all is looking up. After they get all set up they are going to head on a ride. I am sure glad that their weekend is looking up. I will post some pics when they return. As far as Landon and myself go we have some parties in store. let you know all about them as they happen. so stay tuned

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Since we remodel of our front room we wanted pictures to add some character to the room. About ten years ago we won a signed print of Brent Todd. Brent paints pictures of the out doors and mostly wildlife/hunting pictures. The picture we got has two lab puppies tugging at a hat out in a field. I loved that picture right from the start but just never seemed to have enough money to frame it. And after that many years I honestly forgot we had it. Bill found it when we started working on the front room and it had the right colors so went went ahead and had it framed. It looks really nice. We decided that we would like to get some pictures of all of us doing something we love. Bill was able to get a great picture of him skiing up at Snowbird in the powder, and we have some of Tanner biking down in Moab. we have found it difficult to obtain pictures of Landon skate boarding at the skate park. but last Saturday my really good friend LeAnn volunteered to go to the skate park and take some pictures of him for us. We got there early and as luck would have it on a Saturday morning we almost had the skate park to ourselves due largely to the fact that teenagers hate to get up early on the weekend. It worked out great! She was able to get some great action shots of him. I am sure that we will be able to enlarge one of these to frame and hang up in our front room. I am excited to finally be able to show some pictures of Landon doing something that he really likes to do. hope you enjoy these shots of him.

Good job Landon!

Thanks LeAnn for taking time out your Saturday to come and take these for us. They look AWESOME and I had a fun time chillin with Alex my little birthday buddy!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To The BESTEST Mom in the whole world

I can honestly say that I think I have the best Mom in the whole wide world. I am sure about one thing and that is I would not be the person I am today if it weren't for her. There are many, many wonderful reason that I am so glad that she is MY mom and here is my list:

1. She has always encouraged me.
2. She is the best listener.
3. Gives great advise
4. has a great shoulder to cry on
5. knows how to buy the best surprise presents.
6. Loves to shop!
7. Loves to go out to eat (but never thought she would ever go again) just teasing mom.
8. Always helping me with baby gifts.
9. taught me that naps are a good thing.
10.knows just the thing to say about raising teenagers.
11.Loves all her children.(this includes her grandchildren)
12.taught me to appreciate a clean house.
13.taught me how to keep a clean house
14.She always put her family first.
15.taught me about honesty, faith, repentance
16.taught me to stick up for the underdog. wish I had caught on to that one a lot quicker.
17.taught me that helping someone in need is a GREAT thing to do.
18.taught me how to cook.
19.still can't make her gravey.
20.that no matter how old you are a hug and a kiss is a wonderful thing.

Mom I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything you have a done for me. I am so glad I was sent to you! I mean it when I say I would not be who I am today if it weren't for you! You have always told me that I could do anything I wanted and I have! I LOVE YOU with all my HeArT!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tanner's BIG Crash

Tanner is so glad that spring has come, he could hardly wait to start up the biking again. This video was on Easter weekend over by the Draper Albertson's this was his
4th jump. he never made it that day or any other for that matter, but this was his only crash that day and it just so happened that his friend Colby was videoing it this time with Tanners cell phone. Tanner only hit his knee and bruised it. His bike took the worst hit, his seat broke not completely off but bad enough that it wobbled if he sat on it. We have replaced it and he is happy that the replacement seat is all metal(where it connects to the post)where there other one was plastic so there is less chance of the new one getting broke. I know that crashes are not suppose to be a funny thing, but in this video the noise he makes as he is crashing just makes me laugh!

Wish me luck as summer hasn't even started yet............Yikes!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Project Complete

Well as you can see our bathroom is finally done. Whew!! It was a long project. One that had a lot of bumps along the way. We ordered the shower panel and all the cabinets on line. Once we got with a reputable company everything went fine. I'm sure all of you know you should really check into an online company before you ever buy. We knew it but just didn't do it this time. Once we started having problems we started digging and we found many pages of complaints and sure wished we had looked there first. Bill installed and painted everything except the shower. I think he did an amazing job. Kudos to you Bill! Thanks for being a handy man, sure saved us a lot of money!! The only other thing that is still missing is the shower door and it will be here on Monday. Yeah!! In the pictures below I didn't think that any of the pictures needed to be labeled as I'm an quit confident that you all can tell what is new and what is old. I put in the old so you could appreciate the new all the more! The Hart boys are really getting ready to take a nice shower, bathing is just not their thing! some of the extra perks we added to this room was 1. the sink and faucet and 2. we heated the floor, it is so nice to get up in the middle of the night or just getting ready in the morning and have your feet be toasty. So totally not needed but well worth it.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We Are On Our Way!

Yesterday morning as I was backing out of the drive way I noticed a big package sitting on our front steps, as you all know we have been waiting for a shower panel to arrive and have been having difficulties with the company we order through. Last Friday Discover Card finally put a stop pay to the company as they didn't have one in stock nor could they give us a actual day when they thought it would be in but they had already charged the card and they would never respond to our cancelation requests. So on Friday after they put a stop pay on the card Bill ordered it through another company and they told us it would be about 1 week. We were a little nervous about which company had sent our order just our luck it would be the one we stopped payment on. There was no lable on the outside of the box. When Bill got home he looked and seen it was from the new company!!! YEAH. So we can finally get going with the bathroom remodling!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My House has Sickies

Well there seems to always be something going on at the Hart's and this week is not exception. On Monday morning I went in to wake Tanner up for school when he informed me that he was sick that he had a sore throat and he had been coughing since Sunday afternoon. So I got him up let him get into the tub and gave him some medicine then sent him back to bed. Called the doctor who advised we could just come into the lab and have him checked for strep throat. Sent Bill home to get him and take him. Bill called the doctors a couple hours later for them to tell us that the results came back negative! Well that's good. I guess we just have to let this one run it's course. On Tuesday early morning like 3:00 am early Tanner has woke me up he was crying saying that now his chest is hurting and his throat is killing him. I again put him into a warm tub to try to relax him and give him some Tylenol for the pain. get him settled back into bed around 3:30. I don;t bother to even wake him up for school knowing that he is still not ready to go back. call the doctor make an appointment for 11:00 have Bill take him since I already have an ortho app. for Landon later in the day. after lunch I call to see what the doctor told him and Bill said that it is a virus and that they gave him a virile antibiotic that they could only get through the hospital that is by the way not covered by our insurance and cost us $148.00. Boy can I say this better work! When I talked to Tanner later that day he informed that the doctor said he had some Phenomena in his chest I asked how that knew that and he said cause they took an X-Ray. Sure glad Bill was on top of things and knew all that was going on. They also gave him some cough medicine with Codine so he selpt like a baby last night. Now This morning when I went into to wake Landon up who by the way started coughing last night said he wasn't feeling very good but got up any way and got into the tub. ended up throwing up and going back to bed. so now both kids are home not feeling good. Last week it was Bill this the the kids. Looks like I better skip next week, not looking good for me. Everyone start praying that I don't get it!! hurry what are you waiting for......Start praying fast!

Monday, March 16, 2009


I was Tagged to post my 4th folder and 4th picture. Here it is, It's my cousin Alene on her 50th birthday. We decorated her cubicle here she is holding her blow up emergency port-a-potty.
What a fun day that was.

Now anyone who reads go and do the same thing!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Bad week for Tanner

I got a call from the vice principal that Tanner and his Science teacher were in need of a seperation for a short period of time so they put Tan in ISS (in school suspension) for that class period. I was totally fine with that and so was Tan. This teacher has not impressed me all year, he teacher at BYU in the evening and I think that he forgets that during the day he is only with 8th graders. I even think he has the same grading system for both places which happens to be focused more for BYU. Then a few days later I get an e-mail from Tanners Ceramics teacher telling me that Tanner had implanted a few metal cleaning tools into his project and then sent to be fired in the kiln. Which we all should have used our logical side of brain and know that would have been very bad for the kiln and really not good for re-using of a few tools. When I asked him what he was thinking he said he had placed them in there for wall supports. His project was a square flower box and he thought that they might not stay up before he could get it fired. So now he is no longer in ceramics and has been put in as a teachers aid, which they are going to let him use a study class to have help with his other classes. the vice Principal has actually been very nice through all this. But mean while Tanner had a bad week. Hopefully things can only get better.


Wow, well not much has changed since I last posted. The bathroom is still not done. Bill order a shower panel online and it is 5 weeks out. Instead of informing us they just went a head and charged our card and told us we will get it when we get it. Oh isn't that lovely! Bill has tried and tried to cancel our order but they are just ignoring us, Arhhhh. We even called them and they still refuse to cancel the order. Our credit card company said they can't do anything until March 27Th. We have order cultured granite for our shower and the Egyptian glass door. We now need to go figure out what we are going to do for the floor and new sink and cabinet. We have looked everyone and have a couple of ideas that we like, we just have to finalize our decision. Well I'll update you when there is something to talk about.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


I guess since our frontroom turned out GREAT! Bill decided to start another project and this time it is the master bathroom. This is a project well over due! since our home is 30 plus years old the master bath is not a big room it has the basics, no more, no less. We started about a week ago. and at this moment we have no shower, no flooring, and thank goodness no more wallpaper! Bill's dream would be to have a steam shower. We have looked at them but due to the size or lack there of we just don't think we can get it to work. We have had to switch gears. We are now leaning to granite. Now we are waiting to do anymore until after next weekend due to the fact that there is a homeshow coming to the Expo, we want to go see if we can see anything there that we haven't seen yet. Today our neighbors the Joseph's are moving so I went over first thing this morning to help clean the house. while I was gone Bill was tearing out the floor in the bathroom and prepping the walls. After he was done with that he had decided to head downstairs to clean up the storage room since he had made a mess in there from having to replace the subfloor in the shower. there was lot's of sawdust and wood pieces. He had his big shop vac and was on his hands and knees vaccuming when all of a sudden I hear him yell at the top of his lungs "HELP" I ran down the stairs to find him struck to a piece of carpet that was just laid on the floor with a fish hook in the carpet that was now hooked in his finger...Can you so OWIE, OWIE! (OK you know that he didn't say that, but I am not allowed to put those words in here) he was stuck good. He kept telling me he needed snips to beable to cut the hook out of the carpet so he could get up. Could I find any?? NOOO I ran upstairs to see if they were in the drawer I yell at Tanner to see if he knew where they were, he grabbed his leatherman knife and ran downstairs, they would not do the job, I finally find the snips. Bill is able to cut the hook out of the carpet now he still has the hook (a 3 hook hook) in his finger one of the hooks is in so deep you cannot see the curve. I say we need to go to the ER but Bill has his own ideas, he is sure he can get it out himself. I get the firstaide kit out and he grabs the tweezers the hook will not budge. he then grabs the plyers (yes I did say plyers) and pulls, I can hardley look, he is sweating and in a lot of pain. it still doesn't budge, he tries one more time and he gets it out! he cleans it out puts a band aide on it and goes back to work......huh! who does that.....BILL that's who. It is his birdie finger on his left hand an tonight it is turning colors I'm sure it is badly bruised. Who would ever think that of all the things he has been doing that he would get hurt vaccuming and then to get hooked by a fish hook? After all of that I figured he needed some pampering so I took him out to dinner went to Rumbi's. I love that place! The day turned out pretty good considering how the afternoon went.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

It was 22 years ago today that Bill asked me to marry him! I remember it like it was yesterday!He called me up early that day it was a Saturday. He asked me out to dinner he said he wanted it to be a special date. Oh my! my heart was beating I knew what he was thinking and I was a little scared and excited! Was I ready for this? He came and picked me up he brought me flowers then we went to dinner at seafood place called Seaman James and Bartly it was one of our favorite places to go. We were both dressed up. and while we waited for our dinner Bill pulled out the ring and asked me if I would marry him? I said Yeah (can you believe that answer!) I held out my left hand so he could put the ring on my finger. Yes there were many people watching. Then he came over to my chair and gave me a kiss! How romantic! I then made him drive to Alene's house (my cousin) to show her my ring. I have no idea why it had to be that night but it did. He just went along with me. I was so excited. when I got home my parents were waiting up for me, I think they had a sneaky suspsion it was going to happen. I guess through out the day I got over the scared part and went for the excited part pretty fast. Glad I did. We have had a good and happy marriage which brought us Jailee, Landon and Tanner who have added smiles, tears and happy times. Who also helped us turn into the Bear Lake Freak Family! We have a great family and I'm really really glad I said YEAH! Thanks Bill for the last 22 years! I Love You!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Have A House Full of 16 Year Old Boys...HELP

I have been looking around on the computer for just about a 1/2 hour and while doing this Landon and 3 of his friends have been hanging out on the couch just feet away from me. They are hysterical! I have heard about 5different topics, 1. the U Bisket test they all have recently taken for graduation, to a few weird kids they see at school to Jet Lee, my phone just rang and Landon answered it as City Morgue(?) advising that they have specials going on right now would they like to be picked up? Now they are talking about HOT CHICKS. This has been my house for about the last 3 plus weeks now! I know this is totally crazy but I'm really glad they like to hang out here at least I know what is going on and they don't care if I'm around. That makes me happy cause this way I can get to know all of his friends. They are Crazy and FUN! I'm so glad that Landon seems to have good friends.

Tanner is upstairs working on his Catapult for his science project (I'll post pictures later when he is done) He is way into building things of any kind. He is really good at. He designed his own catapult just by drawing it freehand. It looks just like his drawing. I am impressed! He has done this whole project by himself. Way To Go Tanner!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


This was on my friend Ali's blog and looked like lots of fun!Feeling lucky? The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice, for you. This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!2. What I create will be just for you.3. It'll be done this year, hopefully sooner rather than later.4. You will have no clue what it is going to be.5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange. :)The catch? You must re-post this on your blog. The first 5 people to do so and leave a comment telling me you did will receive a homemade gift by me! Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Hate It When I Get These Kind of Phone Calls

Yesterday around 10:30 I got a call from the Principal at Tanner's school. He hated to call me at work (Uh huh) but Tanner had gotten into a fight with a boy and was being suspened for 2 days. I hate kids being suspended I don't think they really learn anything from that nor does it deter them from getting into trouble again. Don't get me wrong I know they have to do something but I could think of a lot more things that the kids would hate more, for instant scrubbing toilets, lockers but I also know that there are probably to many kids to make stay after to do those kinds of things. I called Bill to go get him since he is a lot closer to the school. I also think that they should have something in place so that when the kids have to leave that they have some kind of work to do. otherwise all they do is get behind. I asked them to have some of his homework ready and all they told me was it takes two days to get that together, well by then he will be back in school. So today I had him clean the bathroom and his bedroom and had him read a couple of chapters of a book we are reading called 7 habits of a highly effect teen. Maybe one day some of that will sink in.

I just have to keep the faith!

A Great Way To Spend A Day Off

Last Monday being Martin Luther King Day and the boys being out of school I decided to take the day off. I had gotten us some tickets to go through the new Draper Temple. I got a couple of extras so that my mom and Wanda could come along. We were to be there around 9:30 so we left here around 9:00. Boy they have that system mastered! From the time we got there to the time we got back to our car was only an hour. The Temple was beautiful!I have to say that the lighting that is in the Temples really stick out they have the most magnificent chandliers the Celestrial room is gorgous! and I for some reason really like the font area even though I thought it was arranged a bit different. It seems that the dressing rooms are pretty far away for the people after they are done. Compared to the Jordon River it is really small. We all had a great time and afterwards we went out for breakfast at Denny's we got home around 12:00 and then we decided to go to mall and just hang out. We had a really nice day.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just Enjoying Ourselves

Can I say that I am so excited to go home everyday now. I just love to go into our new frontroom and look at it. I love being in there. Tanner said that this is now the fanciest room in the house. We have all picked our favorite places to sit and relax. It really feels nice and cozy. I am having my mom and Wanda and Bills parents over for dinner on Sunday. It will be the first time any of them have seen it. I can't wait to show them.

The colors on the wall are called Peanut Butter and Stable Hay. The ceiling and trim are Ultra White with an egg shell sheen. We also repaired a hole in the hallway wall that Tanner so proudly put there about a year ago. with a weighted baseball that he was messing around with and threw through the wall. The Big round light fixture is in the hall way. My table lamp we actually found at Home Depot. We had looked at a couple of stores but they would only sell lamps in pairs and I didn't have room for another lamp so I didn't want 2 of them. We also found in my bedroom a Brent Todd picture that we had won at some banquet a long time ago that we never framed. It is a nice print so we are going to have it framed and put up as well. I have had my eye on a few pictures and said that when I got this room redone that I wanted to get them so I am going to go look at them again and see how much I have to save up for. These projects seem to grow by the minute. One thing just leads to another. It is so FUN!

I will put some pics up after Sundays dinner.

Monday, January 12, 2009

We Have Started to Remodel

It has been along time in coming but we have finally started to remodel our house. We have started with the front room. I will put some before pictures and some of the new for you all to see. I am pretty excited about the changes. I didn't get really good before pics so you'll just have to look a bit harder. We just got the carpet and furniture in today, so you couldn't get more up to date information any faster. Let me know what you think. obviously we don't have any pictures up yet but that will have to come in time. I am just happy with what I have got for now!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


This has been a real fun weekend. Today is my cuz' BIG 50 birthday! so yesterday all us girls at work decided that we needed to decorate her desk. We totally love to go all out and make a big deal about these milestone birthday's! and today we threw her a surprise party. We all met at El Farols mexican resturant there was 24 of us there. We got her good, she had no idea we had planned anything! It was fun to be able to pull it off. Here's to you Alene I am so glad I get to see you everyday and that we have stayed so close! your like the sister I never had. I Love Ya and hope you have many many more birthdays!!!! Here is a few pics so you can all see what fun we had.

I am also glad you had a birthday cause I got a present too! Thanks Mom for the new twin shirts you gave to Alene and myself!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So This is What I Come Home To......

I come home from work today to walk in the house to see this. Wow! Oh my gosh who gave you dreads? I was very scared! what did you do I asked Landon. He just told me that he was bored and wanted to see what he could do with his hair. I then started laughing and had to take these pictures. What a funny, funny kid. Don't you wish you were me? Later I took Tanner to his class on highly effective teens and after we came home Tanner wanted me to take some pictures of Nala and him, so I thought I would add them to my post because many of you have never seen our dog. well here she is, she is a Vizula. We have had her about 10 years and some how she has become a partial inside dog. I'm not sure how that happened but it did. She and Tanner have become pals in the last little while. I guess every boy deserves to have a dog pal. Landon just informed me he would like to know who his dog pal is? Did you forget about Kara? Hey Alene she needs to come for a visit!

Talk to everyone