Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This year Christmas snuck up on me!  It was here before I knew it.  I guess I just kept thinking that I had more time... a lot more!  Not so!

I finally put our tree up....Not the same one I usually do.  I had purchased a set of three pine trees many years ago, I always wanted to use them as my tree but it felt awkward, not what I was use to.  My idea in getting these three trees was to symbolize my three children. I wanted my tree to having some sort of personal meaning....I LOVED IT!  I am sure I will do it again!  I was able to put the trees up in my front room usually the tree is downstairs where we have more room, the only problem is we don't usually spend time downstairs...The three trees are not bulky they are more tall and skinny so I was able to put them in front of the main window.

This year has been a year of change, with Landon graduating and Tanner being a Junior in High School the Christmas feeling has changed, they were not bugging me about putting up our tree and they don't care to listen to Christmas music, if it ain't head banging screamo stuff they don't want to hear it! I guess we are even I don't care much to listen to their music!  Oh the JOYS of having teens in the house.  

Also....Tanner went on his bike camp for his Christmas present. and Landon got his new bed....and they both loved their presents but not much to get up for on Christmas morning....

We had a few family gatherings this season as well... The Hatt's got together on the 19th for our anual gift exchange and dinner.  This year we had pizza and salad with some yummy  breadsticks and Fat Boys for dessert!  We always have a good time we all like to see each other and hear stories and laugh!  I am so lucky to have to older bothers! and be able to see their families!  We love to see each other and enjoy each others company!

On Christmas eve we get together with the Hart's This year we had our Nephew  Austin his wife Breena and their son Kael from Idaho come and spend the week with us! We had a great time and feel so blessed that they come to see us.  We loved having them here and it was so fun to have a three year old in the house to liven it up a bit! Christmas spirit really comes when there are little kids around!

On Christmas morning we got up and fixed waffles eggs and sausage...then opened a few more presents Santa brought a couple of gifts for Landon and Tanner, santa gave each of them a movie pass and a refillable mug at the theater.Santa found Kael at our house too! brought him some cars and transformers!
after we went to see my Mom and had some corn chowder and gave her a new camera!  She gave Tanner a new robe and lounging pants he loved them, had to put them on and then advise me that we should start subscribing to the news paper so he could go outside to pick it up in his robe!  He is too much! We all teased him that in his robe he looked like Hue Hefner!  LOL!!!  Landon got a beard trimmer and had to go right in and try out all the nifty gadgets!  Later that night we headed back to Bill's parents for Prime Rib dinner....It was a Wonderful Christmas Day!!

So now that is all said and done.....Here is wishing all my friends and family a FABULOUS New Year!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Friday was a day like any other day....except that  it was Landon's 19th Birthday!  Can I just say that I am in total disbelief!  Where has the time gone?  That day took me back to the day he was born...I was scheduled for an induction at LDS hospital had to be there at 7:00 am. by around 6 that night I still had not had him and he was stressing so they decided that it was time for a C-Section so off to the operating room I went with Bill by my side and my Mom and Dad waiting out in the waiting room. By about 7:15 he was here but was rushed off to ICU as he had swallowed some amniotic fluid, there he stayed for 4 more days, I went home without him but was called the next day to say I could pick him up, Talk about a happy mom! the day I picked him up it started to snow it didn't stop for 40 days, I was so happy to have had him home and was able to do nothing but cuddle with him the whole month long!  I think that whenever  I was home I had him in my arms....He was my dream come true!  I was so happy to have a baby in my arms again! He has been my buddy!  We have hung out with each other, had many talks, laughter and tears. Even though he is a man now he will always have a special place in my heart! My first boy, he was one that liked to cuddle and be held until he was almost to BIG for my lap, still as we watch TV he will come sit by me and want me to tickle his back and every night when he is heading to bed he will tell me....I Love You Mom! I will never get tired of hearing that.  We have had our ups and downs but I will always be thankful that he is my son!  He has the BEST smile that can warm me up!  There was once a long time ago that he was so little and I was his world...now he is all grown up and our worlds are separating and soon he will be starting his own life as an adult. I hope I have done a good job in teaching him all he will need to know and that he listened well. I Love You Landon Karl Hart with all my HEART...Happy Birthday!!!

I had the Grandparents over last Sunday for the annual birthday dinner, this year Landon wanted pasta so I made regular spaghetti and shrimp Alfredo, green salad, cranberry fluff, garlic bread and for desert we had pie and ice cream!  and his cute girlfriend came too! It was a nice day. I am so glad we have this tradition!  however I need to get better and take more photos!  I only took one..Look how tall he is compared to the grandmas! 

                                          Grandma Hatt, Landon, Grandma Hart, Grandma Wanda Naylor

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's a Gift that Keeps on Giving!!

Well as I had mentioned in my last post, Bill and Tanner went to Boulder Nevada for a downhill Mountain biking camp.  They left right after we ate Thanksgiving dinner as they had a 8 hour drive to get there.  The trip was problem free and the weather was good so that made me happy! Now at home it's just me and Landon....or really should I say just ME!  Landon is always gone with friends and that's how it's suppose to be and to be honest...I was looking forward to a little time alone!  Don't get me wrong it feels really funny when all the boys are gone and I do MISS them like crazy! But I really enjoy being able to do exactly what a want....when I want! I did however have to work Friday after Thanksgiving and not only that but I was on the night shift...Haha! its what we are calling the extended duty shift. I worked 10:00 to 7:00  it was a slow day, after all everyone is out doing the Black Friday Shopping!  I came home fixed me a quick bite to eat and change into my comfy clothes and head to the couch where I find me a cute Christmas show to watch, where I eventually doze off into a blissful sleep.

Tanner's camp was from Friday to Sunday.  It was a camp to teach techniques for downhill racing, the instructor is a pro biker named Gene Hamilton.  The camp name was "Better Ride"  Tanner has been saying for months that he wanted to go to this camp...Then one day he said he wanted it to be his Christmas present....I was not really up with this idea, after all how boring on Christmas morning!  I hate my boys growing up and having all these changes...I miss the little guys!!!  but Tanner insisted that this gift would be "A Gift That Will Keep Giving" for the rest of his life! This camp was not a cheap camp....I basically had to sell my right arm and leg to pay for it, so hopefully come Christmas morning he will remember how much fun he had and that he remembers all he learned... I will have to ask on Christmas if he would do it again? 

Bill and Tanner did not get home until Monday morning around 1:00am and they went right to bed both had to get up and go to school and work.  When I woke Tanner up that morning he was pretty grumpy nothing was going right, couldn't find the car keys, backpack and the windows on his car was frosted over and he had a test to take before school started....school starts at 7:55 and by 7:45 he had text me saying the test was a piece of cake! but he didn't feel very good..I told him to get to class! the next thing he is calling be back it was 8:10 he said "Mom I can't do this my eyes are killing me and I just don't feel good, please check me out"  Tanner is not usually a bluffer nor does he try to get out of going to school so I check him out and tell him to go home and go to sleep....NO video games, he informs me he couldn't play if he wanted to.  I call and check on him around 10:30...no answer so I wait another hour and call again, I wake him this time and  I ask him how is doing and does he need to go to the doctor?  No he says I will be fine!  at 1;15 I get a text "Need Doctor" Tanner has always been right on when he says this so I call and get him in. they want him there in 10 Min's. I can't get home and to the doctors that fast so I just send Tanner, I had to fax over a  consent to treat letter and when he is in seeing the doctor the doctor calls me to say that Tanner is really sick and he is not sure what is wrong, his eyes look like pink eye but with the other symptoms, nausea, tired, just not feeling good he is not sure that it's just pink eye but he gives him the drops and tells me to bring him back if there is no change in two days. on Wednesday there is NO change and he has now missed 3 days of school. I take him back and the Dr's are sure that it's pink eye but caused by the flu, the only doctor that can give him the correct drops (steroids) is an eye doctor so they call Dr. Turner who gets us right in and was able to give us a sample bottle and we are off!  (really not that quickly, we were at the Dr's 2 hours) and I take Tanner back home and I rush back to work. He was able to go back to school the next day and back on the mend! That kid gets sick every time this time of year!  Glad he is on the Mend.....
Stay tuned Friday is a BIG  Day for a member of the Hart family!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


This years Thanksgiving was nothing out of the ordinary. But it was a nice day! We all gathered at my Mom's for a cozy yummy dinner.  As the years have gone by many things have changed, our family has grown and the grand kids are now having kids this means that we are not always going to be able to be together. This year Melissa and Jeff and their two new baby girls were not able to join us and Cody kids were with their mom! without them we had 15 of us.  I had Tuesday off so Landon and I ran over to help my mom get the tables brought in and set and when Thursday came around it was nice to already have that done. I went over early to help my mom with the last minute preparations for the family feast. Dinner was set for 1:00 pm as many of us had other obligations in the afternoon.  With all that it takes to get ready for this day it is sad at how fast it is all over with!  with that said....it is also such a fun day to be able to be with family to laugh and catch up on every ones lives!  I am so happy that we all get along and can get together without worrying about anyone feeling like they might be left out!  soon after dinner Bill and Tanner headed out the door, they are heading to a bike camp in Boulder Nevada, this is Tanner's Christmas present. I asked him how he was going to feel on Christmas morning with not much to open and he said "Mom this gift will give back to me my whole life" OK I said you remember that on Christmas morning!  then Landon headed off to his girlfriends house, Ron;s family headed over to Shellie's Moms and Gordan and Sandy went home.  This kind of left me stranded but Mom and I go over to visit with Wanda then she brings me home.  I always hate the end of the day on a holiday when my Mom has to go home to an empty house, these are the days that make me miss my dad the most!  My dad was a home body he loved his home and rarely wanted to leave.  He was very content being there and very much preferred people coming to visit rather than he visiting them.  and he loved the holidays even though he tried to pretend he didn't we all called him the Grinch and his favorite holiday saying was "Bah Hum Bug" he would say it trying to look all mean but a smile always crept through!  He is very much missed!  I feel bad that my boys don't remember him much at all Landon was only 4 and Tanner 2 when my dad passed away, it seems so unreal that it has been 14 years since he has been gone. Things seem to go on no matter the pain, so its best we go on with a smile and a good memory or two! and I have plenty which I am so grateful for!  Our family memories are such good ones we had a good childhood and many happy times as adults with him too!  I am happy there are no regrets! and Most of all I am happy to call him Dad!  Happy Thanksgiving.....Remember to always give THANKS!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I don't know if I will ever truly understand the big hype over video games! My boys can be possessed by them spending far to many hours sitting in front of a TV yelling and carrying on into all hours of the night or should I say morning....
I found out how much these games really mean to them....The first thing that happened was Tanner went to bed on Monday at 7:00PM.. one might think he was not feeling well this is not the case the real reason stands behind this new game......Why? you ask, well....it's because on Tuesday morning, and when I mean morning I am talking about 12:00am they were already at Game Stop waiting to pick up their new copy of
His whole thinking of going to bed so early is so that once he got the game he would be able to stay up and play it for a few hours before going back to bed so he could a few more hours of shut eye before he would have to run off to school, some might say "Now he is a Thinker"!  Me I just think he is crazy!  He even talked Landon into going with him as he needed someone to go with him that was over 17! I hear them return home around 12:30 and I hear the clomp clomp clomp of him running down the stairs, his going to bed early was working...I ask him in the morning what time he went back to bed and he said 1:30....hmmm some how I don't think that was the real time, but I play along. I now have to go to work to eat "Crow" and say that I ended up agreeing to let him go and get it at the midnight release ( It was something I had stated numerous time I would not allow) the guys at work all cheered !  when they asked how late he stayed up and I said 1:30 they all said BS! so when I come home I ask him what the real time was that he went to bed and he informed me with a big smirk on his face that in fact it was 3:00am with him reminding me that he had already had 5 hours a sleep so he actually got 3 more hours that equalled a full 8 hours of sleep!

Now last night was the night that "Assassin Creed" was to be released at Midnight so the alarm gets set again for 11:30 so that he can get to Game Stop to wait in line for his copy....Sometime after 12:00am Bill wakes me asking why someones alarm clock would be going off?  I advise that there is another game release that they are going to and I roll back over and go to sleep not even checking the time. Now fast forward to this morning when it was time for Tanner to get up for school,he is sleeping like no other when I tell him to get up he is instantly angry and with ME!  What? what did I do?  He is all mad because he thinks that I shut his alarm off so he would not get up to go to Game Stop! I assure him I didn't he will not believe me because he knows he would not have gotten out of bed to shut off the alarm and then go back to sleep!  I tell him I heard it go off and thought that they had gotten up. He is still mad at me when he leaves for school. When Bill gets up he tells me that he heard the alarm go off for another 15 mins after he asked me why it was going off, these means that Tanner slept through 1 hour of a beeping loud alarm going off.....Who can do that?  We inform him of his doings at dinner tonight and all have a GOOD LAUGH!  He is also amazed that he did it!!! The Best part of this story is that "Assassin Creed" doesn't come out until next Monday! Ha Ha Ha! 

Now it is I who is laughing!

                                       Tanner intensely playing MW3 (GAME FACE)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Many of you may be in the same boat as me.....It is getting to be the end of the year so I check my balance of my Flex Spending" account and to my surprise I have several hundred dollars left.  My mind starts whirling in many different directions, who needs what? who needs to go to the doctor....I call all of Tanner's doctors relating to his broken shoulder to make sure I am paid in full, to my "surprise" again I am.  I decide I will go get  Mammogram so I set my appointment and ask what my co-pay will be?  That ought to use at least $50.00.....Nope that is preventative so it's paid in full! WOW!  next I call to get the "Yearly exam" ....you guessed it.... paid in full again.... Although I am not using my flex spending I am at least making sure I am healthy! so now what to do, if I don't use it I will loose it! I call and make an appointment for Bill for a physical,..... another preventative. So won't use it there.  I decide to  make Tanner an eye appointment, don't know when he has had one of them.  Go to check in today and I hand them my flex spending card and they to advise this is a preventative NO CO-PAY needed are you KIDDING!!!!  There was an upside Tanner needed an eye drop prescription as he has some allergy,(sad that is an upside) that was $60.00   I am usually not this upset about not paying for a doctor visit, I am running out of options. while at the doctors I remember that Landon is due for a dermatology appointment so I set up his appointment....THAT will use some of my money.  I also remember that Landon needed some dental work that I was putting off until next year. So after all that I think I will use all my money! 
Whew.....who knew spending money could be so hard! 

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Saturday mornings usually start off with a trip to Einsteins Bagels and today was no different, but today Landon was up and went with us. It was a fun change, it is fun to see him as he is changing from a young teenager to a young man. I am amazed at where the time has gone....soon he will be 19 It is so strange to think that I have children that are almost adults! After our breakfast we came home to check the cupboards to see what we need at the grocery store, then we head to Sam's Club....Weird the kids were not interested in coming with us!  So off Bill and I go....Our trip lasted almost 2 hours, and our final tally was almost $300.00 and our basket was not even full!  It is CrAzY how much groceries have gone up. then I stopped and topped off the gas tank then headed home, I hate this part of packing in all the stuff that I have already loaded in the cart to unload to pay for it all then load in the car to come home to unload to the counter to then organize in the cupboard!  Wow that is a lot of touching the same item!  But I am grateful that I can provide for my family!  At Sam's Club they had samples and today's sample included a energy fizz drink the lady that handed them out stated I would have 5 hours of energy if I drank the whole bottle within a 15-20 minutes, I really didn't think that it did anything to me until Bill asked me about 30 minutes ago if it worked, I told him I didn't think it did a thing.....He said really?  What did you do today????  Oh my I went Crazy today I totally cleaned my front room then did some laundry and as I was putting clothes away I started going through my dresser drawers and started cleaning away, I went through my closets....I was throwing things into a pile and before I knew it my bedroom looked like one on the TV show "Hoarders" I was so amazed at how much stuff I have not worn in so long!  I took Bills clothes out to and had him come in and start seeing what he could get rid of?  before I knew Tanner was doing the same thing...by the end we had filled 2 very large big garbage bags full of clothes! I had taken about 3 trips to the garbage can and Tanner and I ran everything to the DI it is a second hand store.  I just cannot imagine living in a house that is so crammed with garbage just having it that way for half a day was enough to make me cringe! 

I totally love the feeling of  De-Cluttering!  It feels so good  to be a little bit organized!

For all our efforts...I took us all to Sizzler for a yummy dinner!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life is Changing

For many years my life has revolved around my kids...I absolutely loved life with my boys when they were little!  I think back when they were babies, they were so different Landon really liked to be held, in fact that kid never held his own bottle and insisted on being held in order to go to sleep....there was even a time when I was trying to get him to be able to go all night without needing me to get him out of the crib so instead of getting him out I would hold his hand through the slats of his crib.....REALLY? I would actually lay on the floor and hold hands with a 1 year old....I am not sure I see a difference now between holding all of him or his hand...I guess at the time I was desperate or sleep deprived.

Then there was Tanner from day one.....he just wanted to be left alone, he didn't need to be held in order to go to sleep, in fact he preferred to have a bottle then put in bed wide awake, within minutes he was OUT! It was a blessing....but I missed not having a cuddly baby...he also loved his Binky he loved going to bed cause that was the only time he got it (when he was older 2ish) Bill never knew he still used it until one week I had to go over night for work and he went in and checked on him and seen him with it (we always just put it under his pillow and he would put his little hand under and get for him self....cute huh!!!) That was when he got it taken away.....when he stopped going to bed so good...for about 1-2 weeks he refused to go to bed...he would only go to sleep in his rocking chair..when he was asleep I would pick him up and put him bed but he would just wake up and go back to his chair....

It has hit me this weekend that things are really changing....Tanner has gone to Moab for a bike race with some of his biking buddies with one of their dads as a chaperon. and Landon has been gone too. he has been doing the Halloween stuff with his friends and going to his *girlfriends* house....It has got me thinking....they really don't need me and Bill in the same way they use to. So this is leaving a lot of time for just Bill and I, we have had a really great weekend!!!  Last night we went to Wingers for a tasty salad then home to cozy up and watch a movie!!!  wasn't even that great of a movie...but it was so nice to be with him and not have to worry about needing to entertain kids!  We then slept in and got up and went to Einstein's for a bagel and hot chocolate... It was getting to be dinner time and Bills said hey it's just you and me again lets go get some wings at WingNutz....so off we went again. just us again...yeah its true we talked about our boys but we also talked about a vacation for just us two!! Don't know where or when but hey we are a talkin!!!

Me and my Honey!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Yesterday and today I had time off work.  For some reason I still have 18 more days to use up by the end of the year.  Yesterday I didn't do to much, for starters I went into the office to get my FLU shot.  There is a lot of buzz going around this year about companies making their employees get the flu shot and if they don't want to get it then they could loose their job......Is that an valid reason for loosing your job?  It is so up in the air...My work is not making us get it but they are paying for it so I thought what the heck! I am not one that gets it every year, but they made it pretty convient so I thought what the heck! then I go and take the day off! After doing that I just went home and cleaned not the most exciting day off but hey I wasn't in the office.

Today I went with my mom, we went to El Farrel's for lunch then out to a ceramic shop to buy some paint, we use to do ceramics ALL the time many years ago. Not sure why we stopped?  but mom got some out the other day and it has got the *Bug* in us again to start making things!  After that little stop we headed to an eye appointment for her, we got there about 20 mins early so we just sat and talked. and when I mean we sat.....we SAT for an hour, mom had gotten up once to ask if they had her down as being there and they assured her they did, so we just kept waiting......and waiting finally mom went up again this time they said they didn't know she had even been there????  WHAT!!!!!!  now her appointment was past by 1 hour and 20 mins. Good Grief! they get us back there pretty quick after that and all was taken care of fast but now we only have 20 mins to get to the dermatologist appt. she has. We got there just in time.  I am happy to report that we didn't wait long for that one!  Now we head home. I make dinner and cookies, tomorrow is our Halloween day and our FAT FRIDAY where everyine brings a goodie to share!  Here is What I am taking..MONSTER COOKIES! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cops Called To The Scene!

Yesterday the police was called out by my neighbor lady, she wanted them to see the poison that has been spread in the dirt under her trees. The day before she was sitting under our other neighbors pine tree when we asked what she was doing she informed us that she is watching her house, we asked her if it was doing anything exciting? She didn't find us funny! she then stated that she had more poison in her yard and that it had taken her 5 hours to get rid of it. So I guess there had been more over night. Our neighborhood watch people are very nice to her they look into all of her claims, when she says that she can hear a buzzing sounds they will ask her the time and then come over and that same time to see if they can convince her there is nothing going on. Nothing they say helps her to believe that nothing is happening so yesterday after the police left they set up a camera to have proof that no one is doing anything to her....I believe that no matter what is on the camera that she will see whatever she wants to see. Just the other night two cars had stopped side by side so they could talk, they just so happen to do this in front of her house...she immediately went up to the car and asked them if they was in the middle of a drug deal......She must have kept them there for 30 mins. drilling them, the people in the car she stopped was not even teenager, the driver was a women and the other car was her adult children. She will stop anyone she thinks is up to "No Good" why is she not ever outside when the cars on our street get broken into?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just a Funny Feeling

So I have been walking every night ever since June after my work did a health assessment I was stunned at what the results were so I decided to do something about it! I changed a lot I am eating more healthy, and as you have already read....I am now exercising...along with my walking I am also hula hooping it only took me a couple of weeks to be able to keep the hoop up and before long I made it 50 mins straight, I have lost serveral inches and pounds. It is hard to keep eating good, it seems we are always have some goodie at work, then there is family events...I have been able to work around it but sometimes I allow a treat!
Well to where I was going with this post.......
Several weeks ago while we ( my neighbor Wendy) was on our walk we turned a corner to come upon two teenage boys that we was not familiar with, it was dark and we could not see them very well a strange feeling came over both of us but the boys said hi and asked us how are walk was we answered then as we kept walking up ahead on the other side of the street there was another boy who seemed to be trying to hide like he did not want us to see his face, we had stopped talking and was trying to take everything in.....what was they wearing? what color was their hair, anything that would him to identify them if need be. We even thought about stopping by the chief of police house to have him go talk to them but we felt silly thinking what would we tell him...."we have a strange feeling" so we didn't do it. I even made the comment I sure hope no car or home gets broken into tonight. We had not been home but about an hour or so, Bill and I had gone to bed it was almost 11 Tanner has stayed up late he didn't have school the next day, when I heard the doorbell ring, then I could hear Tanner talking for some time I decided to go see what was going on...it ended up being Tanner's friend who happen to live right where we seen the boys hanging out.....it just so happened that awhile after we walked past Tanners friend's doorbell rang it was a boy with a mask on telling the boy that a girl wanted to ask him to the halloween dance that he had to meet her at the elementary school by the slide. His dad went with him but waited in the car he had rolled down the window so he could somewhat hear what was going on when all of a sudden he thought he heard a  scuffle going on so he got out of the car and jumped the fence to see his son getting the crap beaten out of him by three boys when he yelled they ran.... his son had blood every where so it seemed, they called the police and they had an ambulance come to check him out. He had lots of bumps and bruises and a broken nose and was shaken up. They had stopped by our house to see if Tanner had heard any rumors at school? He hadn't as Tanner had been expelled the day before because he had gotten into a fight with a kid that had been bullying him for a month. The kid had come up to Tanner in the hall and pushing him saying That Tanner was a wuss and he was going to kick his A** this was the third time this same kid had pushed or punched him so Tanner just got back up and punched the kid in the face and was still hitting him when a teacher pulled Tanner off of him. When they got down to the office the kid told Tanner "I can't believe you hit me" Tanner said "I can't believe you rhought I would let you keep pushing me around and making threats to me" needless to say I got a call from the principal and then Bill went and signed him out of school. So far the kid has left him alone, Tanner said when they went back to school 7 days later the kid still had a fat lip.
The police have never found the boys that beat up Tanner's friend. and I really don't know if the boys we saw were involved or not, but I have decided that I am going with my gut feeling from here on out!

Monday, October 17, 2011


I have decided to start telling stories about crazy things people say and do that cross my path.

The lady on my street feels like the government is after her and the rest of us work for the CIA, my husband being the head CIA agent! She is convinced that people are after her. She also believes that someone is spreading herbicides in her yard, she waters constantly as to dilute the poison from effecting her yard (now keep in mind she has the most thick green lawn on the street, possibly in the entire neighborhood) and spreading to people, she believes that is the reason that there have been so many people in my neighborhood diagnosed with cancer. Just yesterday she informed the young kids on our street that she would give them $50.00 to any of them that could catch the person putting the poison on her yard, they were very excited and hunkered down behind the neighbors garbage can to be able to catch the "bad guys" and collect their reward... That lasted about 2 minutes before they came out of hiding and went on their way...back to playing swords!

stay tuned I am sure that something exciting will happen tomorrow!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Great Girls Weekend

For the last few years my mom and I go down to Fairview to spend the night at my Aunt Nancy's. We make a birdhouse and eat and talk and LAUGH!!! This year was no exception. The ladies that come are so fun to visit with, the talent they have is amazing! This year they decided to paint Gourdes I had no idea how to do that, in fact the idea left me puzzled how in the heck would you paint a gourd? I decided not to do one but if they do it again next year I will! I have to see something first to get any ideas flowing! What they did was amazing! while they were working on the gourdes mom and I brought ceramic corn on the cob dishes and believe it or not we were the last ones finished. Karen brought us all some clam chowder, Sophie made the most Delicious rolls, there was salads and of course some yummy desserts! After we were done with our projects we all sat around and talked told many funny stories. We left around 11:00 to go back to Aunt Nancy's her grand daughter Emery had come down with a friend for the weekend they were just getting ready to watch the move "Rat Race" so I tried to stay awake made it almost all the way but feel asleep 10 mins. before it got over... Just my luck. The next morning we were to be back at Sophies for breakfast of biscuts and gravy and eggs. After breakfast we headed out to go for a ride in "Tinkerbell" then we headed back to Nancys to get our stuff all packed up and head for home....We stayed and talked more to Uncle Howard and Nancy and the girls for hours....Finally headed home at 2:00 made it home around 4 so I took Bill and Landon to Astro Buger and then to see the movie "Footloose" What a FUN FUN weekend!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I have been thinking for some time that I needed to blog again, It was easy when the kids were young there was always a story to be told! Now that they are older things seems to be calmer....Hahaha!!! or there could be many stories that just cannot be shared! There is some great news that happened a few months ago that I neglected to write about.

Landon has graduated from High School..............What a relief, Landon's high school life was a big challenge for the whole family and to be really honest I was not sure this day was ever going to happen. But it did and I was so happy for him! Valley High held their graduation at SLCC on June 1, 2011, all the speakers did a really good job and I was so glad that just the day before graduation Landon went into the office to see when he could pick up his diploma, he had not planned on walking, so in that case he had not purchased the cap and gown. They advised him that he could receive it at graduation and handed him a cap and gown and told him to be there by 2:00....Miracles happen in all walks of life! Landon called me from the school to let me know he was going to attend graduation!!!! I was ecstatic! and hurried off to talk to my manager about getting the next day off! I hurried and called Bill as well so he could do the same! Landon's cute girlfriend, and grandma Hatt was able to come as well. after graduation I took us all out to dinner to Asian Star. It ended up being a great day!!!! YEAH for Landon! I always knew you could do it! You could have lesson my fears along the way!

All summer long Landon has been searching for a job.....I guess you could say we have all been looking for a job for him, this day and age has proven very hard to land a job! I know he is not the only one having a hard time, but man he really needs a job it is hard to see him sitting home with nothing to do. Wish us luck something has got to come up soon.

Tanner is still a biking fool, he participated in many races this year and is really good he has taken 2nd or 3rd at most races. we all went to Telliride, Co. for a mini family vacation/bike race I absolutely loved it there. But the day before the race Tanner was taking a practice run we was all watching on his last ride we never seen him come down the mountain, the next thing we knew his friend Christian was coming up the mountain to find Bill to let him know that Tanner had crashed into a tree and was hurt....we was so far away from him and had to take two trams to get to him, it took us about 20 mins to get to where he was at. the patrol had gotten him off the mountain and had him bandaged up so that we could get him to the ER. Bill went ahead with Tanner while Landon and myself stayed back to fill out the paperwork with the patrol, we caught up with them as they was walking to the ER....This was the fastest ER visit I have ever been in. They took x-rays of his right shoulder and ankle had them read and Tanner in a sling within an hour! He had broken his the growth plate in the humrus bone in his upper arm and sprained him ankle. No race for Tanner this trip but so glad that Tanner will be ok and that he is a tough guy, this makes it two breaks in less than a year....All I know is Tanner will never give it up!