Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have always wanted to know what life would have been like with girls in my home. On August 2nd, my niece, Alisha moved in with me, she came from Coeurd'alene, Idaho, she is also Bill's youngest brother Steve's daughter, and just so happens to be 4 months younger than Jailee would have been. So needless to say I was pretty excited about her coming. She moved to Utah to attend LDS Business College.  She also brought with her a friend, her name is Keressa.  They recruited another girl to come and her name is Canda she is from Philly. They have moved into my basement, not really the most ideal situation since it's just one big open room, no bathroom and no real space to call their own. They have been awesome! no complaining, I love having them here. Last night we sat in the kitchen and talked for hours It was so fun, I remember doing that with my mom.  My boys don't do that all that often and when they do I am in heaven!  They will be with me for a few more weeks then they will be moving into an apartment, What fun memories they will be making on their new journey and I hope to be a part of them.

On Saturday I took them to the Balloon Festival, where Keressa sweet talked a pilot into taking her up in the balloon, she had a blast and Alisha and I watched her, then went and picked her up about a 1/2 hour later in a church parking lot a couple of blocks down the road. The pilot's name was Dan he is a really nice guy, looked at Alisha and I and said heck I could have taken one of you with too!  We were like what the heck are you kidding!!! now is not the time to say that, we were both dying to go. he was like you didn't ask, I was like....trying to be polite! Oh well. Maybe next year, any way we all had a super fun time, then we came home had some breakfast and they went back to bed. (Canda didn't get up to go with us, so she was still sleeping) Then in the afternoon we all went downtown on trax to City Creek to do some shopping. All the girls went into "Tiffany's and tried on some really expensive rings. then they went to Temple Square and we went to lunch at the Blue Lemon!  We had a whole day of fun! my mom and Dorathy went along too!
                                                my niece Alisha
                                              Keressa - my adopted niece don't have one of Canda :(
So in the last couple of weeks I have been given a taste of what life would be like with girls in the house, and all I can say is bring it on! I have a couple of more weeks with them here,then they get to be on their own.  but I sure hope I see them lots!