Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh My Gosh I Have a High Schooler!!

Well on Aug. 13th Landon had to go register for High School What a process! I took the morning off work to go with him. Can I just say 3 words? " Not Long Enough" We were there at 9:00 AM we walk into the school and who knows where you're to start, kids and parents everywhere. I finally see a line with a #1 so I figure that's were we start. The line is long and it appears that there is only 1 person helping in line 1. while line 2 and 3 have a couple of people and hardly anyone in line so I venture over there but on no you can't go to those until you've been to 1. I get to looking it appears there are about 8 lines to get through after about an hour we are at the desk I have a stack of papers with me so I just hand them all to her she thumbs through and pulls out 1 maybe 2 papers and hands the rest back to me and stamps a card and tells us to go to 2. Are you kidding each line only takes one of the pre-filled out forms? We have one of Landon's friends with us and I'm trying to help him to. We get to line 4 it is for pictures, they find his name then hands him a card now they tell him he needs to stand in line to get his picture taken, I decide to go get in the line to pay, after another hour or more I am at the desk to pay and Landon meets up with me there then we have to go get in line for his schedule. (are you keeping trak of time?) the next line is PTA hand in that form then it's off to get a locker, I take one look at that line and know that I will seriously be there another hour or two, I advise Landon that he is old enogh to handle this job on his own with his friend and I am out of here. it is 10:55 I am 10 mins away from 2 hours to register. I head to work and make it in time for lunch I make a quick stop at Taco Bell ahnd run upstairs to the breakroom to hurry and eat I am starved. I called Landon around 1:00 to see if they are done and he informs that the schools computer crashed after he had waited over an hour and they sent everyone home. Glad I didn't stay!! they had to go back on Monday to get their locker. It seems like there should be a faster easier way to get registered? 2 nights ago Landon was at the skate park around 7:00 he was calling me to come and get him, that's odd I ask what's the matter and he tells mer he thinks he broke his toe. I'm on my way...... I get there to pick him up and I get really mad he is in his new red pants and new school shoes.he hobbles to the car and gets in and what do I say.... Why are you wearing your new clothes to the skate park? he replies with whats wrong with that? and he asks is that all your worried about? now he is mad beacuse I'm not showing concern for his toe? I remind him that he is almost wearing $150.00 and he told me he wouldn't wear these to the park. I get him home and take a look at his toe, looks broken to me but I also know that there isn't much they can do for this kind of break. I get an ice pack and give him some Advil and tell him I'm sorry. He is still hobbling a little bit and his toe is purple. I guess it's not that bad he has gone to his first high school STOMP! I sure hope he has fun!! I remember going to those and having a really good time! Tanner has been working on a merit badge for biking. he has had to go on two 10, two 15 and two 25 mile bike rides and in three weeks he will go on a 50 miler. So this morning he got up at 6:30 to go on his last 25 miler they rode to Thanksgiving Point and back, If I had gone with I'm really not sure I would have made it there let alone come back and I'm sure I would have ended up in the hospital in traction! I don't know how he does it? then of all things Tanner and Bill and Tanners friend Erich went to Park City for another ride can you say "Oh my butt" I know for sure I wouldn't be walking tonight. They rode another 20 miles. He is really tired. and hasn't moved much from the couch. Bill too. I had a baptism to go to today and a ton of laundry to do infact I'm still not done. It's almost 10:30 better go hit the sack.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Wow! It's been a long time!

The last time I wrote on this blog was a few weeks ago and I was getting my family ready to go to San Diego. Can I just say We had a BLAST. Bill was going for work so that meant if the rest of us were going to do anything it was up to me to get there! Now if you know me you'll now that I am not adventerous on my own and that means having someone else with me that might be able to help direct me. Since I am the only other driver /adult in the car it was up to me to get us anywhere. The first day I thought that surely I'd be able to get us to the beach the directions looked easy enough and Bill had already taken us to the proximent area. My new car also has a GPS so I thought for sure I could get there. But when I went to input the beach it wouldn't come up not even as a area attraction (come on who doesn't want to go to the beach if your on vacation?) so I told the kids, get in, sit down, buckle up, cause I'm not sure where we'll end up we're going on an adventure! I took the directions from the hotel and I followed them perfectly until it said follow the rollercoaster which I did but I couldn't get to it. I must have driven in a 3-4 mile circle 4-5 times. I finally stopped and asked someone. I was not following the right coaster it was up and over the hill. duh I couldn't see the thing. so after about 30 mins we were at the beach. Tanner had brought his boogie board so he and Landon were going to share. ( ha ha ha) They had a really good time and I proceeded to sunburn the top of my feet. I think I do that every year. (slow learner) we stay there till its time to get Bill picked up. We come back to the beach after and go have dinner at a nice mexican restuarant. Overall we had a great day! Day 2 I get up and get ready and take Bill to work and I come back and get the kids up and going. We are off to Sea World one of my favorite places I pretty much know where this is from day one's drive. We get there in under 10 min. We go see it all we had to sit in all the "Soak Zones" for all the shows. I am seriously sloshing in my shoes and I am drenched from head to toe. I LOVE the Shamu show! it just makes me smile about 20 years ago when Bill asnd I went I was picked from the audience so go be a helper during the show! It was a blast! I think the kids really liked Sea World maybe not as much as I do but they had a good time. We was not home in time to pick up Bill so he rode the train back and we picked him up at the train station. After that we went to eat at yet another mexican place. had a fun time. Day 3 went back to the beach there was a rip tide that day and they had to keep moving us down the beach/ocean there was also a Wave House located on the beach that you could surf/boogie board on fake waves. Landon and Tanner wanted to try. so we set a time to do that from 1-2 and Tanner really got into it and was able to do a few minor tricks. Landon just kept hurting his knee so he quit for awhile. he eventually went and tried again. I took pictures, that is always my job! Day 4 off to the San Diego zoo. 1st I stopped at subway to pick us up some lunch to take with us to keep in a cooler. Sea World about broke me for lunch $40.00 I didn't want to repeat that. and off we went. (Can I just say that other than the 1st day I haven't got lost once, that is great for me, I know I owe all the credit to the GPS but I think it still counts) any way we get to the zoo and it's huge and very nice it has a lot of shade and the exhibits are really BIG we saw all the animals and even though it was only in the 80's it felt a lot hotter than that. by about 12:00 we are ready to eat so we head back to the gate and get stamped so we can get back in and head for the car to eat. We stayed at the car for about 30 mins. then head back in. We think because it is lunch time that this weould be a good time to head the the bus tour and we were right we got right on unlike earlier where there was about a 2 hour wait. The tour lasted about 30-45 mins. after that we had seen the whole zoo minus the shows I think the kids were to hot and tired to care so we left and went and picked up Bill. That night Bill's work had a big dinner party at the park they had tons of games and stuff to do. They even a fortune teller I waited in line for that for almost 2 hours. She told me that in two years I would change jobs and companies (I don't think so) she told Bill the same thing other she added that he was going to meet a new woman with red hair and green eyes and she would make him very happy.......Huh! good luck!
even the boys did it. Tanner is going to be a bike designer and Landon will live along time and be successful at whatever he chooses. We get back to the hotel late and hit the sack we will start the trek back home tomorrow. Day 5 get up early and get everything in car and start for home we make it to Las Vegas where we stop to look around and have dinner, we end up at California Pizza and hit the mall at Ceasars Palace. Find nothing that interests us. it's almost 8 PM we are planning on staying at the Virgin River in Mesquite. Once we hit the parking lot it was almost 9:45 I call a friend of mine that use to work with me, Cheryl and low and behold she was at ther Virgin River so we hurried and checked in then went down to meet up with her and her husband Ben. Talked with them for about 20 mins then off they went back home and I went and found the kids in the arcade and headed back to our room Bill stayed up until 2:00 playing 21. came out ahead by 20.00 Whoa! Meet Cheryl in the morning for breakfast. then went and seen her house. Very Nice. then off we start for our last leg of our journey. on our way home we seen a 4 wheeler trailer on fire, a car crash an another fire with a truck carrying new cars very eventful . Thank heavens nothing involved us. made it home right around 5:30PM. What a FUN FUN trip. Will have to catch you up on the following week another day. This is a lot for one entry.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Ok for starters I really don't know why my last entry posted twice, and for that matter it's even a tad bit different. When I was adding that post I hit a button on my computer and my screen went blank so I started over and the hit post both entries came up. So don't ask me I don't know anything.

Went home last night and started my laundry and then went to mervyns Tanner needed a new swim suit. since his recent weight loss of 20 lbs. I am so proud of him he has done really well! I found me some new PJ's and a sweat outfit, Tanner also found a couple of shirts he liked for school so I picked them up as well. I would have gotten something for Landon but he doesn't like the clothes at Mervyns so he'll have to wait tell he gets back or maybe we'll find somethings in San Diego for him. Tanner is already packed! and now that my laundry is done I can start tonight.

It is my boss' birthday sunday she is turning 60 so we decorated her desk with all 6o related stuff and made posters that said "Wanted missing senile manager if found return to her department" and added her picture we put them everywhere! we also made her a gift basket with other necessities of being 60! We made her laugh and gave her a memory of her 60th birthday she'll never forget.

Fun Days!