Monday, July 26, 2010


As I sit here today thinking how hard it iwas to have 2 little boys. I remember thinking Oh If only they were old enough to do walk or talk, crawl then walk, go to school, thinking that each new pahse would surely be better maybe even easier than the one we were in. Oh don't get me wrong I loved each moment with each of them. But it was so exciting to reach each new milestone! I was finding it hard to wait to see what they could do and say that I just never imagined that one dayI would look back and say Those Were the good old days!!! Each phase is fun that is filled with laughter and happy times with some hard days that bring tears and fears. So if I could offer any advise it would be "don't wish away any day that is shared with your children, life is fast and fragile and the tiny pitter of little feet will be gone before you know it". soon you will be just like me sitting wide awake waiting for Landon to come home with the car wondering........why did I wish for them to grow up....I want my little boys back! I really am excited for Landon to have finally gotten his liecense and have some freedom from me having to take him every where, I think it has sunk in that he has been missing out for the last year that he could have been driving. Now he is almost a Senior in high school he is now realizing that he needs to find a job and take on some responsibilty, be able to provide for himself to an it is another phase that I could not wait for him to get to....Why do we do this? I am almost certain that in a few years I will be thinking.....Man those were the good old days! I guess I just need to sit back and take it one step at a time! I really am so happy that I have my two boys. Landon and Tanner I do love you! I think it really is amazing how each child is totally different. These two are as different as two can be but each offers me their love and respect in their own way! I am really happy that they are both not to old to tell me that they love me!

So now I can't wait to see what kind of men they will be? I know, I know.....there I go again!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Wow this Summer is going by so fast! I sit here and wonder.....why is life passing by so quickly...I remember when I was young and thinking that I would never get old enough to do the things I want to do like driving, dating, living on my own and having kids, buying a home and just being able to come and go as I please....Now it's here and I have acomplished all of these. Now life is just going so fast! I think man it was just Christmas and now the 4th of July has passed. I also remember my Mom telling me not to rush life that as you get older it goes by faster and faster....Now I am 44 and I want everything to slow down and my kids are wanting all of my dreams! It has been so fun watching them achieve what makes life so exciting! Landon love, love, loves being able to get in the car by himself and go get a drink head to a friends house and he even still likes to run errands for me! (even if it's to drop something off to the DI, haha) and Tanner is having fun with his first job, working at the middle school as a sweeper, ok maybe he is not having that much F U N but he is sure enjoying the $$$$$$ !! He worked all year long as a temp... and now he is working the Summer working 4 hours a day for 3 days a week and hoping to get on full time when school starts up again... tomorrow there will be lay off's for the remainder of the summer he will find out tomorrow if it's him or not! SCARY!!!

Our Car troubles have not ended..Our old Olds break lights were not working all the time. sometimes when we would turn on the left signal the right break light would stop working turn on the right signal and it would work! go figure!!! and just when we would think it was working and we would let Landon take the car we would watch him drive off and as he rounded the corner they were no longer working, we deceided to take it in to see what was wrong??? if you can believe it, it was NOT the break lights at all, but the they replaced it and WaLa it works GREAT! but it was another $400.00 dollars...Can anyone really ever get ahead with Finances?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Please Don't Pass Out!

I had all but given up on blogging....Why, you might ask? Good question? I myself are not sure... but at last I write again.

This summer is not going how I imagined it, I had dreams of Bear Lake, basking in it's sun, but two weeks before my dream was to be reality Bills truck made a big loud bang just a block away from home and luckily not on I-80 heading to Park City for Tanner's biking group ride. The loud bang was the trucks spark plug blowing up, blowing out the cylinder that holds the plug in. We took it to the dealer that evening to be told that the "repair" would be around $4,000. The "fix" would be close to $1,000. We debated for a moment....a very brief moment and deceided on the "FIX", we had already had another unexpected bill pop up that was putting this added bill over the top. Shall I say it was our vacation - play money! And on top of that Bill had already put money down on a trip to Whistler Canada for he and Tanner to go biking the end of July....So there goes the other planned or dreams for any other vacation.

There have been moments of Happiness! for 1 Tanner turned 15 his birthday was a Saturday, generally that would be a good thing....Not this year, why? because this year he was all ready to take the written test for his learners permit! and being a Saturday the DMV is not open! he had to wait until Wednesday. Wednesday could not come quick enough, we were at the DMV at 7:00 AM, 2nd in line, by the time we filled out the paperwork for Landon to renew his permit and Tanner to take the test and to actually take the test we were there only an hour. At this trip we had some good and bad news....I'll start with the good, Landon was able to renew his permit without retaking the test. I am sure at this point you can guess my bad news.....Tanner didn't pass his test, missed by 1 (ONE) question....Bummer! he comes back over skims through the booklet again and feels confident to retake the test.......Comes back over very longed face to tell me he had missed 4 more than last time. I felt so bad he had studied hard and was so sure he would pass. We go for frapacunnio's from Star Bucks, That made all of us feel a lot better!!

One month past Tanners birthday Bill takes him for another try to pass the test to get his permit.........................and his PASSES! I get a text at work saying "I CAN DRIVE" what a good day!!!

Can I say that for the next week we are driving every night. He really does pretty well considering that he has only drivin in the church parking lot.

Today.....July 6th 2010 Landon finally got his drivers licence, he finally took Drivers Ed the begining of June it was only 9 days of class time, with 6 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation. and $250.00 later and he passed. When we got home from our very long stay at the DMV since it had been a holiday week and they had been closed for a few days there was to say the least a very long line. Landon wanted to go on a drive by himself so he went to the Sandy Skatepark, yes I made him call me when he made it there, What Kind of Mom would I be if I didn't.. We then had hair cut appointments and of course he drove us there, then it was back to the skatepark then to a friends house... back home by 10:30 safe and sound....People tell my FUN is just beginning.....I say I've been having FUN all along!