Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tanner's BIG Crash

Tanner is so glad that spring has come, he could hardly wait to start up the biking again. This video was on Easter weekend over by the Draper Albertson's this was his
4th jump. he never made it that day or any other for that matter, but this was his only crash that day and it just so happened that his friend Colby was videoing it this time with Tanners cell phone. Tanner only hit his knee and bruised it. His bike took the worst hit, his seat broke not completely off but bad enough that it wobbled if he sat on it. We have replaced it and he is happy that the replacement seat is all metal(where it connects to the post)where there other one was plastic so there is less chance of the new one getting broke. I know that crashes are not suppose to be a funny thing, but in this video the noise he makes as he is crashing just makes me laugh!

Wish me luck as summer hasn't even started yet............Yikes!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Project Complete

Well as you can see our bathroom is finally done. Whew!! It was a long project. One that had a lot of bumps along the way. We ordered the shower panel and all the cabinets on line. Once we got with a reputable company everything went fine. I'm sure all of you know you should really check into an online company before you ever buy. We knew it but just didn't do it this time. Once we started having problems we started digging and we found many pages of complaints and sure wished we had looked there first. Bill installed and painted everything except the shower. I think he did an amazing job. Kudos to you Bill! Thanks for being a handy man, sure saved us a lot of money!! The only other thing that is still missing is the shower door and it will be here on Monday. Yeah!! In the pictures below I didn't think that any of the pictures needed to be labeled as I'm an quit confident that you all can tell what is new and what is old. I put in the old so you could appreciate the new all the more! The Hart boys are really getting ready to take a nice shower, bathing is just not their thing! some of the extra perks we added to this room was 1. the sink and faucet and 2. we heated the floor, it is so nice to get up in the middle of the night or just getting ready in the morning and have your feet be toasty. So totally not needed but well worth it.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We Are On Our Way!

Yesterday morning as I was backing out of the drive way I noticed a big package sitting on our front steps, as you all know we have been waiting for a shower panel to arrive and have been having difficulties with the company we order through. Last Friday Discover Card finally put a stop pay to the company as they didn't have one in stock nor could they give us a actual day when they thought it would be in but they had already charged the card and they would never respond to our cancelation requests. So on Friday after they put a stop pay on the card Bill ordered it through another company and they told us it would be about 1 week. We were a little nervous about which company had sent our order just our luck it would be the one we stopped payment on. There was no lable on the outside of the box. When Bill got home he looked and seen it was from the new company!!! YEAH. So we can finally get going with the bathroom remodling!