Wednesday, December 22, 2010


As luck would have it November proved to be a not so great of month for Landon! Sometimes if there was no such thing as bad luck he would have no luck at all! On November 12th Landon was on Bangeter and as the light turned yellow he went thur it following a police car moments later he was being pulled over for running the red light, when Landon mention he didn't think it was red when he entered the intersection the policeman said I know it was cause it was red when I went thur it, Landon commented well then you are admitting you ran a red light too, he claimed that the policeman then backed out of that statement! next when the officer asked for his license Landon didn't have it....Ughhhh! so as the officer was watching landon removed his cell phone from his pocket saying I can call my mom and she can read my number to you, this is when the officer said oh you know that I can ticket you for texting while driving......Landon said to him how? you could not have seen me as you were in front of me and second you just watched me remove my phone from my pocket. He ended up with a ticket for running a red light.

On November 29 there was a big snowstorm during the middle of the night so when we woke up it was a big mess! the roads were very slippery, Landon had gotten a good start in heading to school he left in plenty of time he had made it to the school but as he was turning into the parking lot he slid and hit the he "promises" that he was not going any faster than 10 MPH when he finally comes to a stop he is stuck you might say he was high centered on the curb and snow, he neglected to get out to see what damage was done when he automaticlly put the car in reverse and tried to get out, it has not been told how long he tried to get his car out by spinning the tires when the school officer came up and assest the damage advising him that he had bent the wheel and he thought the car was not driveable....he came a little late, as Landon was spinning the tires he had ran them for so long that he completly wore out the two front tires leaving them completely bald. He finally called me asking what he should do? why me when your dad is 5 minutes away? I called Bill to go and see what needed to be done. It came to be that the car had to be towed once it reached the repair shop they estimated that the damages was roughly 2500.00 dollars....the car is only worth 1400.00 I would say he has totalled out my old car. the damage to the car was a bent sub frame, bent wheel and tire really how FAST was you driving.....but let's remember 10MPH HA!

What can you say to a kid who knows everything! I know......Maybe you don't! oh to live and learn! Good thing I still love you Landon Karl Hart!