Monday, November 26, 2012


Wednesday night around 10:30 PM Our nephew Austin and his wife Brenna and their son Kale  came to share thanksgiving with us, they recently moved to Boise Idaho so Austin could finish his college degree. They are now in the middle of us here in Salt Lake and their home in Coeur d'alene Idaho. Austin's sister Alisha also lives here so we were all able to have a fun Thanksgiving dinner together.  We had it at Bill's brother Dwains home.  The night before Thanksgiving us girls all stayed up making a couple of yummy yam dishes and a black and blue berry pie pie which we appropriately named bruise berry pie! and of course we talked and laughed for head finally hit the pillow at 3:00 AM.

I was back up by 9 and cooking all this yummy food so we would be ready to roll by 1:30!  George and Dorathy made the turkey and dressing and a green salad,corn on the cob and the potatoes, I also had made my cranberry fluff salad so to say the least we had a feast!

We finally ate around 3:30, we all enjoyed each others company. After dinner we head down to play a few games on the Wii and Tanner was a show off and won us all at bowling. later Landon went and picked up Sacia and they came and played Mario. I am sad to say that I left my camera home so there are no pictures of this entire event! 

Many of the stores were starting their black friday shopping at 8:00 PM on Thanksgiving so Alisha and Brenna headed out to shop, I had to go to work on Friday so I just went home and went to bed with the rest of the bunch.  Later Tanner went out shopping with some of his friends....Crazy kids!  They had a good time!

On Friday around 10:00 AM  I get a call from Landon telling me that his brand new car had been hit and the guy that hit him didn't stop. He was pretty upset. I can't say I blame him, I am pretty upset too!  The guy hit the back bumper while Landon was still moving into the left turn lane went around him in the on coming lane of traffic back in front of him then back into the straight lane and just left.  I don't get why people are such jerks! I would have felt so bad hitting someones new car. Now we have to file a claim and pay our deductible,  I had Landon call and report it to the police just hoping that maybe they would catch the guy. No such luck at this point.  He is going today for an estimate to see how much it will cost to fix it.  I swear Landon can never catch a break, sometime I think if there was no such thing as bad luck Landon would have no luck at all.  I will take a picture of his poor car's damage and post it later.