Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The day that has been long awaited.....Is today!  It is a bitter sweet dream.....

Who would have known that 18 years would have gone by so quickly?

May 22nd 1995...1:18am 6 lbs 11 oz. 19 inches long Tanner Gary Hart joined our family! He was a joy from day 1 an easy baby, for the most part an easy teen! He has the best smile, personality who has add spunk, laughter and a lot of silliness to our family!

Today he graduated High School!

He did it!  We did it!  I think I just may go drink this weekend! LOL!!!
It seems a little surreal! I so happy for him, Tanner has had to work very hard to get here today, he has had his demons, a lot of stress (which has given me stress) but he persevered! I am sure there were times when he thought of giving up. but he didn't! He is very lucky he has had some great friends that stuck with him through it all.

I am almost certain that he had an angel with him today. It was 16  years ago today that my dad entered the heavens. Tanner was 2 when he passed. Tanner is the youngest grandchild and has his name, who also looks a lot like him. I am sure he is proud too!

After graduation which took 2 hours we headed to Mt Fuji for dinner.

Then he came home and started looking for his first purchase as a newly graduated adult.....a Motorcycle!

It has been a great day...One that I thought was going to take a million years to get here, and in reality it was a blink of an eye.  It feels a little strange that I will no longer have to worry about high school registration, schedules, calls from the principal..... "I need to talk to you about an incident today in where your son was caught hanging a Confederate Flag from a pick up truck and driving it around the parking lot"!  credits, hearing those voice mails...."Your student has been tardy or missed one or more classes today"!

I am proud that he has a plan in his head for the future, whether it pans out or not is yet to be seen....But there is a plan.
I am proud to call him my son!
I am excited for his future! I am glad I can watch him as he continues to grow, to see his progress and to be there when he may need a hand.
Way to go Tanner.....You did it!

Tanner wore this when he received his diploma and he texted me and said " I had to wear them...my future is just to bright"

I am sure it is Tanner.....I am sure it is!