Sunday, June 14, 2009


I took last Monday off being it was the first day that the kids didn't have school. I had to make a run to the DMV to renew my drivers liecense. While I was going I decided to let Landon try to take the test to get his learners permit. We got to the new DMV in Draper and there was only a few people in front of us, when it got to be our turn we found out that we had forgot to bring all of Landon's idenification. Back home we went we got Landon's SS card and his birth certificate filled out the form and headed back waited in line again only to find out that the birth certificate I had bought when he was younger is no longer considered a valid form of ID. It is the "mini" birth certificate, it is the size of a drivers license. So no test for Landon, I renew mine and on my way home I decide to stop and see what I needed to do to get a valid Birth Certificate for him. There is a vital stats offices in Sandy so we go there and they gave it to us on the spot, I look at Landon and ask are you up for another trip to the DMV? he replies with a why not! ok so trip number 3 we go back it is almost 2:30 and now the lines are a lot longer and nearly all the seats are filled oh well at this point I am here for the duration! It only takes a surprisingly 20 mins. He takes the test while he is doing so I sit as close as I can. After he finishes he stands up and shakes his head "NO" which means he didn't pass. I ask him if he wants to try again and since he just took it and was able to review all the questions and it showed him the correct answers that he missed he figures why not. he missed 5 and he can miss 3 so whats he got to lose? he gets back in line and gets another computer and starts over. This time he stands up and shakes his head a big "YES" he has passed. Now my thoughts are what the heck have I done???? now he wants to drive home, am I ready for this? I decide that I'll let him drive half way home and once we are closer to home it is nearly rush hour and we have to travel on some pretty busy roads. Once we hot 10th East and 12300 S. I feel a little safer to allow him to take the wheel. And he does pretty well. I have never let him go over 20 MPH so 35 is a big deal!

Now that a week has gone by he has driven about 2 hours and he is getting better, But still needs a lot more practice! Funny I remember being a great driver right off the bat! Right Mom? I really know I wasn't but it really feels that way to me....

The Start of Summer

On Wednesday June 3rd I received a text from Landon he wanted me to see what he and his friends had been doing. I often wonder what that group is up to and seriously nothing much surprises me. Today was a different story.....It took forever for the picture to show up on my phone and when I did I was totally shocked! I never dreamed that Landon would ever do this to his most prized possession, he had been saying his was going to do this but I thought he was all talk. Most of all I couldn't believe he let his friends do this to him. One thing that Landon forgot that day was that he had an orthodontist appointment and had to go looking like this. He said that the Dr Young took his hat off and fell off the chair laughing so hard he wanted Landon to know that he was in no way laughing at his hair but just merely laughing because he was so surprise to see it in Mohawk form.... After his appointment Bill dropped him back off at home while he was waiting for me to get home he waited outside, I am most confidant that he wanted as many people in the neighborhood to see what he had done, he likes to get a rise out of people and he got it that day. I was certain that he was going to cause a wreck. He had many people driving by with their mouths dropped open and couldn't take their eyes off of him.. When I pulled up all I could do was laugh. I really couldn't believe it was Landon. It is truly the craziest thing he has ever done. Later that night he went back to his friends and finished it off!! It was fun while it lasted but I have to say I am glad it's gone. Tanner decided to go with him and he came home with no hair as well. Landon's friend Charlie decided it would be cool to do the reverse Mohawk, that being shaved down the middle leaving the sides long. then in the back he left a long squirrel tail. For those of who who have boys but not teenage boys this is what your in for! The best advise I can give is to just roll with this kind of stuff, there is a lot more other things to take seriously. It's just hair and it will grow back, not only that but he cut his hair himself which I am not all that sad about. I really can't wait for the Shag look to go out. So for now I'll enjoy the buzz! I hope I was able to give you all a good chuckle. Just think of it this way this was before school eneded I have a whole summer ahead of me!! The first picture was taken just one week after he totally shaved his head. We having bets on how fast it will grow back....Who wants in on his bet? He thinks it will be back to his shag before school starts...I guess we'll just have to wait and see.