Friday, August 7, 2009

I know it's been way to long!

Tanner and Landon paddling away
Landon and Brent eating yummy snowcones

Linda posing on the boat we actually put the sails up, put the boat in the water just for this picture then took the boat back out and wheeled it upon the shore. People just kind of looked at us like we were crazy!

We had just got to the lake on the first day so I made them all pose for this pic. Brent thought he was real funny with Jared's drink.

Just a picture that we took of ourselves at the pool!

The Thomson's, Bently, Tara and Jared

Shelby, Linda, Joyce (my mom) Dorathy (Bill's mom) at Temple square on my birthday

Flowers at the Temple.

For my birthday I wanted to ride trax and go downtown and do some shopping and wander through Temple Square. My Mom, Dorathy (Bill's Mom) my friend Lisa and her daughter Shelby all went. We had a great time! we walked through the area of the Temple that has the reflective pool and that is where we took the flower picture. Then venture back on trax and headed for the Gateway I was starving and I really wanted Mexican food so we went to Z tejas one of my favorites. Then off to do some major shopping. You know it's going to be a good one if Bill's Mom is around. She is "The Shopper" We had to hussle a bit because Shelby had a BMX race that she had to be home by 4 to be able to get to on time. (It was a state qualifier, I just tell you all now that she took first and dedicated the race to me......Oh yeah!!!) I got totally spoiled by both of my Moms I got 4 tops and 1 pair of capri's. It was a great day.

Over the 4th of July we headed for (you gussed it) Bear Lake where we stayed for 9 wonderful days. The Thomson's The cute little family in the above pictures came with us for the first 3 days. They are our neighbor's right across the street from us. Their little girl loves Tanner and Bill and they think she is pretty great too. Landon's friend Brent also came along and was a lot of fun. He is the one pretending to drink Jared's drink....(Jared is the neighbor) in the above pic. The pic of Bill and I took along time to get I must have taken 10 pics before I got this one (ok Bill had to use his long arm ) I just kept getting our eyes. The one of our boat is me pretending to steer the boat. Since redoing our frontroom we decided to put up pics of each of us doing something we like I think this will be mine. Bill and I actually went sailing it is the first time in years we have done that because the kids were to little to leave by themselves and we are usually up there by ourselves. This time I felt ok about leaving them, I guess so comfy that we sailed for about 3-4 hours straight. We had a blast. while we were sailing and the boys were canoeing and had a good time. We also went and got these giant snowcones they were delicous! It was just a great relaxing time. we all hated to have to come home.

A few weeks later we headed to Lava Hot Springs we went with the Spratt's (Wade, Lisa, Coldy and Shelby) the first day the kids rented tubs and floated down the river yes there was a few injuries but no casualties just scraps. They must have rode the river 4-5 times, the next day we headed to the pool which has 2 giant slides that make you go about 20-30 MPH! can you say Wedgie? Big time! but I guess not that bad I must have went on it 6 times. after a day at the pool and me diving off the divingboard and loosing my top (ok it didn't come completly off but bad enough) I am hoping I didn't tramatize any young person by that scene, I think Bill was able to block anyones view but who really knows? I knew immediatley what had happened when I came up out of the water and looked at Bill (and NO it was not a smile from ear to ear) he acutally had a look of shock! I was back under water in seconds. I have been laughing about that scene ever since. Thank heaven my boys and Colby had just swam away when I came up..Phew! Oh getting back to what we did after the pool, we headed to the hot springs where we were able to sit back and relax, we had been on the go all day. The next day was a repeat of the 1st without the swimsuit malfunction. but that evening Bill and I went and got a massage, that was abit of heaven! trust me we needed it. our ride home was a nightmare! we left on Friday around 10:30 by a little after 11:00 near Tremonton Bill looked out the side mirror and seen SMOKE! it was coming from the trailer we pulled off onto the emergency lane thinking we had a flat tire......oh how we wished! we actually had a broken leaf spring it is the thing that holds the 2 tires on the same side up and turning when it broke the tires feel into each other causing us to really burn rubber! can you say "New Tires"? well if you can't don't worry they are not new now. There was nothing we could do, here we are on I-15 we cannot go any further. we call a tow truck which shows up an hour and a half later and we are being charged $150.00 an hour. The driver measures our trailer only to tell us that he cannot tow us we are over the heighth restrictions. NOW WHAT TO DO? they deceided to take one wheel off and rig up the spring and have us drive ever so slowwwwly off the freeway just about a mile. SCARRY! we make it off and drive to this farm house and park the driver then takes the spring off and tells us he will go get another and come back out and relace it. It has been nearly 3 hours. (X 150.00) Bill is really uptight wondering how much this is going to cost us but what can you do. They come back ath 4:00 and put the new part on and we are back on the rode by 4:30. have you stopped to do the math we are 600.00 without parts and labor when the guy handed the bill to Bill it was not even 400.00 for everything. Wow what a relief! they had not been charging us the towing rate.....Thank You! we finally made it home at 6:00 WOW what a trip glad this all happened on the way home.