Monday, June 16, 2014

What's Happened In a Year

Well it's been over a year since I've blogged...what is wrong with me?  Well to start off we are all well and not a whole lot has changed. 
Bill bought a Yamaha V Star 1100 motorcycle  last February we have had many fun rides! I told him if he got a motorcycle then I got a cool helmet. I like helmets that stand out so maybe just maybe it might help others to see us better.
 I think they are pretty sweet! I have had many compliments. The only thing about wearing a full faced helmet is they can get a tad but clostrophobic, the minute I get off the bike I have to get it off, but for some reason when riding it doesn't bother me. Bill loves his bike, he looks pretty dang good on if I say so myself!

I didn't really do anything that I can think of that is blog worthy. I just go along with what's happening around me.. I'm just happy to tag along for the ride. Lol!
Don't worry I don't ride my own bike, this is Tanner's friends bike, I just wanted to look cool for a minute.

Landon has had a few different jobs this year he just can't seem to find his niche in life just yet. But he is learning many different things. He turned 21 in December. Wow! How am I old enough to have an adult child?  He still lives at home, but I hardly see him. Between work and his friends us "old folks" are boring. His passion seems to be DJ'ing he has friends that have turn tables he can use, he has DJ'd at a few local clubs and has a blast doing it. I have heard that many people love what he does, if he could somehow manage to do this for work, I'm sure he would love it. 
Landon is a free spirited young man and knows what he likes, and if you don't like it, he don't care. He is diffinately one of a kind and I love him for it!

Tanner has completed his first year of plumbing school, and work full time as a plumber. He loves what he does and is going hard after it.  He has BIG plans for his future.
He is also still living at home, but between his job, school and of course his friends he is not home much either. He bought a few things he is pretty proud of 

1. His truck, ford F150 

2. His motorcycle kawasaki Vulcan 900

And 3. His dirt bike - although he sold this just a few weeks ago. But will be getting a new one soon.
He is pretty proud of the fact that he has purchased all of these things on his own. 

So this was us in a nut shell for last year.

This year has diffenately brought some excitement! 
Bill has bought a new motorcycle.....he bought a new Harley and this thing rides like a Cadillac! We have been on a few rides and let me just say that even though we loved our Yamaha this new bike is like a little piece of heaven! We are selling the Yamaha so if your in the market let me know!
Tanner has started his 2nd year of plumbing school.
Landon is now a commercial painter, just got done painting the Provo mall.
Me... I will be at my job 30 years this year. - what can I say I was a child prodigy and started working at a very young age.
Bill.....well what can I say he is always planning something for us to do. I can't wait to see what he has planned.
Well I'd like to say I won't wait another year to blog again, but you never know! 
Peace out til next time!