Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

I have had a great two days. On Thursday I met my friend Peggy for lunch she invited me out for my birthday. We met at Mimi's we had a really nice visit. Afterards I came home and took the kids to the new Midvale skate park. Stayed there for about an hour. Ran to Sam's Club to pick a few items. Around 5 I went to dinner with my niece Melissa, Can I just say that I love her and I'm so glad that we get together every now and then. I really enjoy being around her and her husband Jeff, She caught a good one when she got him! I'm really glad he is in the family! We went to the Cheesecake Factory and had a really yummy dinner!

Today is my birthday I'm 24 :) my brother Ron called and invited me to lunch, we met at Cafe Rio Tanner came along. Landon was home busy doing homework! I am so glad that I get along so well with my brothers I am grateful that they are my brothers. I know that they would do anything for me and I hope they know I would do the same for them! The 3 of us had a really good lunch. Tonight we went to Park City for dinner Tanner's downhill riders group had a dinner at Squatter's. We had burgers, and salads pretty tasty! They also had a raffle and Tanner won a pair of handlebars for a bike ( I don't know what we'll do with those), they don't fit any bike we have. Oh well! Park City has a huge Skate park, I took Landon over there after we ate, he had a good time can't wait to go again.

Something really special happened today My good friend from work Leann had her 1st baby, she started into labor last night ended up having a c-section around 5:00 tonight. she is naming him Alexander Christopher Melby. One reason why this event is so special is because it was her 1st baby, and the obvious is that it is my birthday. but the really special reason is that Leann and my Tanner share the same birthday May 22 so now Alex and I share the same. I think some day soon the 4 of us will have to have a photo taken together. Now that will be Fun
CONGRATES to the Melby's they are an official family!!

What a way to celebrate my Birthday!!! Thanks everyone for sharing this day with me!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's a Vaction Week!

Hi, It been awhile since I posted anything new. Over the weekend we had a Hatt family reunion on my Dad's side, it is always held the Sunday after Father's Day and we rotate who's family is in charge. We held it at the Riverfront park in South Jordan. It was a nice warm sunny day. we had a fairly good turn out. Even had some people come that have never came before It's always good to see new faces.

Monday Started my week of vacation away from work. It's been along time coming and I'm looking forward to the change. We are not going anywhere this time around so I'll be able to acomplish some tasks at home. I've been able to clean out the garage and sweep off the back patio and pull a lot of weeds. It is good to see some progress. If feels good! Landon has had to work Tuesday and Wednesday both days he worked 11:30-2:00 Tanner has been a big help around the house. today Tanner had his downhill biking in Park City, my mom was able to come with us. While Tanner rode with his group My mom and I were able to go shopping and to lunch. We really had a good time. I am so glad I have my mom and that we get along great! We just really enjoy being with each other, I'm so grateful for that. I am on my way out right now to go to Young Womens, we'll be playing volley ball and cooking s'mores. should be a lot of fun. Have to pick up Tanner and talk him to scouts. Landon went with Charlie to the Gate Way and will be home later. Bill has headed to Draper to help work on the biking trail again. We are always on the go it seems. I guess better that than couch potatos!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

busy, busy as a bee

It's Saturday and I haven't wrote all week so I'll try to catch you up. Tuesday was a really fun night, Bill had his conference this week up at Snowbird on Tuesday night they had a dinner and passes to ride the zip line. Bill got me a ticket so we went up. When we got there we went to ride the zipline, the line was short but we still had to wait awhile. Once we got on it we had a blast. We didn't feel like waiting again so we just went and joined the "happy hour" I meet a few of the ladies that Bill knows from work. We had a good laugh with them. We then went in for dinner they had 3 different food lines with all different types of food. it was nice. It has been awhile since Bill and I went out.

Wednesday I took the day off work Tanner had his 1st day of the downhill biking at Deer Valley. Since Bill still had one more day of his conferece I was the one that got to take him. Landon had to work that day as well so I had a delima? how could I get Tanner to Deer Valley and Landon to work? Thank heavens for great neighbors Wendy across the street was able to take Landon to work for me. Bill programed the address to Deer Valley in the GPS we got with our new Toyota Highlander. So off Tanner and I went the direction the GPS gave were right on! took us right to the location. We were there way early, in fact 45 mins. early. So Tanner just biked around in the parking lot and I just listened to the radio. Tanner kept asking people he saw if they know where his group was meeting everyone he asked said the same thing there was no biking group meeting today it was on Thursday. I called his instuctor and he was just pulling into the parking lot. Tanner was sure glad he has been looking forward to this for along time. Finally the group was off they take the lift up and ride down. This meant that I now how 3 hours on my hands, oh what to do?? with so many outlet stores so close. so off I went. I first had to stop at Wendy's to get a strawberry shake and some lunch I had brought a book so I sat at wendy's for about 30 mins. and ate and read. Very relaxing. Then I took aff and went to the store and just looked around before I knew it, it was time to go pick up Tanner. On our way home I stopped and got Tanner some lunch then we headed for home. We called Landon to see if he was done working and he was so we went and picked him up and got him some lunch at Panda's then we had to go meet Bill at Goodyear the old car was making a bad noise so we dropped it to get it fixed then I had to take Bill back to work. Then the kids wanted to go to the skate park so I dropped them off and Then I went home to start dinner.

Thursday's a blur can't remember anything other than Tanner went to the skate park and stayed there for over 5 hours and got burned.

Friday after work We ventured to Sam's Club for the by-monthly shopping adventure, I'm getting sick of paying so much for food and gas. After that we watched Juno.
Tanner and Bill went for a bike ride and Tanner broke his derailer on his bike so now they will have to fix that.

Saturday Bill and Tanner went and got the parts for his bike. they were able to fix it quickly. they also went to a bike store and Tanner has found a bike he dying to get he has even told me that if I bought it for him that it would be an investment for me, I asked him how and he said that he would be the yard caregiver for life. the only problem is that this bike is probably close to $2,000 dollars. So the yard work would have to be for life. I told Tanner "keep Dreaming"

Monday, June 16, 2008

Do we really have to start a new week?

It's Monday and time to start another week, sometimes I wish I didn't have to. But since it's here it wasn't all that bad. One good thing is that I get to wear levi's to work all week. I was nominated "Super Star" of the month so that is one of the perks. It was a nice surprise! It was a regular busy day so at least it went by fast.

The kids went to friends houses today and to the skate park, then back to a friends neighbors for a swim. When I got home I decided to go out in the back yard and pull weeds, I got a lot accomplished. It feels good to see progress. The kids came home and helped.

Bill was late getting home today, he had a confrence for his work at Snowbird ski resort, they had a dinner afterwards that he stayed for. so he had a reprieve from his normal day.

A busy start to a new week.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's the day of the Dad

Hey It's Dad's day!! which means he can do whatever he wants, Gee I wonder what that might be? Tanner decided to hang with him all day 1st they went for a bagel then took off for Park City to hit the biking trails, they did all they could, downhill, jumps and just some riding around. I was beginning to wonder would they ever come home. Landon and I went to church came home, I was able to take one of those great Sunday afternoon naps don't you just loves those? finally around 6 they gave me a call to say they were on their way home. I decided that I would take Bill out to dinner. We went to "The Pie" pretty tasty... We then dropped by Bill's Dad's house and visited with them for awhile. They just got back from Blackfoot Idaho dog show. Almost all the way home Landon and Tanner had to argue about if Landon could do some board trick? now they are outside seeing who was right. I'm pretty glad I'm in here.

Just a little blurp about the great Dads that have been in my life. First of all if I could see my dad I would want to give him the biggest hug ever. It has been 11 years since he passed away. I think about him a lot. I wish that my kids could have gotten to know him better. I think that he would have gotten a kick out of them. He would have been a great example to them. He loved to help people, he really enjoyed talking and laughing and being with his family.

Next is the Dad to my kids, I hope that they can how great he is and that he would do anything for them. I really don't know of another Dad who enjoys being around and doing so many different things with his kids as Bill. If there is fun to be had he is there.

So here's to all the great Dads....We LOVE YOU!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Landon get's permit

I bet by the title you're thinking could it be real, Landon's driving? Well I'm here to give relief.....NO he's not, not just yet anyway If he would get busy and read the driver's manual he could be on his way to take his test and get it. So now your thinking what permit could he have gotten? well Landon got a job at Artic Circle so he needed to get a food handlers permit. So far he has worked 4 days the 1st day he had to be to work at 8PM he was the ice cream man he made 17 cones and he lost count on how many shakes and sundaes he made. It took him awhile to get the cones down but by the end of the night he was a PRO. He only had 1 shake blow up but everyone told him that happenes a lot. The 2nd night was a repeat of the first without the bloopers. the 3rd was a night of bagging the food and delivering to the customers and the 4th day he worked the counter taking orders and working the register. Landon really likes his job. Now that he is almost done with training he can start getting more hours and hopefully lot's of $$. After all this Landon headed to the skate park. Robbie Landon's friend loaned him a board since Landon busted his about a week ago. Landon is getting really good at skateboarding, it's probably because he he is always there. He likes it so much he would live at the park if I would let him.

Bill and Tanner headed up the hills they are helping to make a biking trail which means a lot of diigin' in the dirt, ripping out trees and other plant life. Biking is their life!! So getting a new trail is exciting. They'll do anything to be able to ride on a new trail.

You might ask what did I do today? Well I hope you can contain your excitement but I went to work for a couple of hours then came home and cleaned the house and did the laundry. Are you ok? I know your probably jealous after all this is pretty fun!!

Landon's get's permit

Friday, June 13, 2008

My house has gone to the dog

June 13, 2008 (this is Friday the 13th)

My cousin Alene Stocking asked Landon to watch her dog it is a weiner dog her name is Cara I have to say she is pretty darn cute, she LOVES Landon, not so much Tanner. I don't know why, I think it's because Landon hogs her and has always made her sleep with him. Any time Tanner would try to pet her, Landon would snatch her away. At first Tanner felt bad now he just deals with it. I do like one thing a lot about Cara and that is that she makes Landon go to bed, since school is out Landon likes to stay up late but when I went to bed Cara wanted to go to bed so she went into Landon's room and sat in front of his bed and wouldn't move Landon even tried to carry her back down staris to watch TV but she would just run backup the stairs and go to his room finally Landon just gave up and went to bed......Thanks Cara.

Yesterday Tanner kept calling me at work he couln't find his fishing pole I kept giving him ideas where to look but he always came up empty. finally Bill stopped by and was able to finally find it in the trailer under the table bench. He and the Joesph boys, Micheal, Christopher and Alex and Eric Carlson all wanted to head to the Wetlands to fish so now that Tanner has a pole they can finally go they spent several hours there. The Joesph's don't have poles they used a stick with some string and wouldn't you know it one of them was the only one who caught a thing. They apparently all had to handle this fish before they put it back because they all smelled fishy as all heck when they got home! Oh well what a great way to spend a nice summer day. That evening I took all of these boys excluding Eric to Datus an archery place Tanner has been begging me to take him. I dropped them all off then went and visited with my Mom, we had a nice visit. and the boys had a fun time. What a busy day. It's Summer!!! I better get use to it.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a Phone call can make you think about

Yesterday I received a call from a friend I use to work with Cheryl Peterson. She had news about another lady I worked with years ago. The news was that Tanya Grey's husband had passed away on Monday while on vacation. They were on a hike and sat down to rest and just fell over, they tried to do CPR and called 911 right away but to no avail he died. Whenever I hear these kind of stories it really makes you stop and say a little pray and look at all the blessings you have and be gratful for them! You just never know when your life can change for the better or the unknown. Now what are you waiting for go give a HUG!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just getting started

Hi today is June 11, 2008 and I have decided to join in the fun and start a blog. first off this shouldn't be a boring story as it will be the life, fun, and adventures of the Hart family, Bill, Linda, Landon and Tanner. First off I will start with a little intro about all of us. Bill works at Sandy City, for 25 years, in the early years his job title was Auto Cad now it is just more advanced and all done on the computer. Linda works at Allstate for 24 years. Landon is 15 years old just finished Middle School at Crescent View and I think is looking forward to starting High School at Alta in the fall. Tanner is 13 years old and just completed his 1st year in Middle School and looking forward to another 2 years at Crescent View Middle. As always the Harts are looking forward to a summer filled with camping, biking, skating and boating. and for me a lot of reading and scrap booking. Have FUN and ENJOY the SUMMER