Saturday, February 28, 2009


I guess since our frontroom turned out GREAT! Bill decided to start another project and this time it is the master bathroom. This is a project well over due! since our home is 30 plus years old the master bath is not a big room it has the basics, no more, no less. We started about a week ago. and at this moment we have no shower, no flooring, and thank goodness no more wallpaper! Bill's dream would be to have a steam shower. We have looked at them but due to the size or lack there of we just don't think we can get it to work. We have had to switch gears. We are now leaning to granite. Now we are waiting to do anymore until after next weekend due to the fact that there is a homeshow coming to the Expo, we want to go see if we can see anything there that we haven't seen yet. Today our neighbors the Joseph's are moving so I went over first thing this morning to help clean the house. while I was gone Bill was tearing out the floor in the bathroom and prepping the walls. After he was done with that he had decided to head downstairs to clean up the storage room since he had made a mess in there from having to replace the subfloor in the shower. there was lot's of sawdust and wood pieces. He had his big shop vac and was on his hands and knees vaccuming when all of a sudden I hear him yell at the top of his lungs "HELP" I ran down the stairs to find him struck to a piece of carpet that was just laid on the floor with a fish hook in the carpet that was now hooked in his finger...Can you so OWIE, OWIE! (OK you know that he didn't say that, but I am not allowed to put those words in here) he was stuck good. He kept telling me he needed snips to beable to cut the hook out of the carpet so he could get up. Could I find any?? NOOO I ran upstairs to see if they were in the drawer I yell at Tanner to see if he knew where they were, he grabbed his leatherman knife and ran downstairs, they would not do the job, I finally find the snips. Bill is able to cut the hook out of the carpet now he still has the hook (a 3 hook hook) in his finger one of the hooks is in so deep you cannot see the curve. I say we need to go to the ER but Bill has his own ideas, he is sure he can get it out himself. I get the firstaide kit out and he grabs the tweezers the hook will not budge. he then grabs the plyers (yes I did say plyers) and pulls, I can hardley look, he is sweating and in a lot of pain. it still doesn't budge, he tries one more time and he gets it out! he cleans it out puts a band aide on it and goes back to work......huh! who does that.....BILL that's who. It is his birdie finger on his left hand an tonight it is turning colors I'm sure it is badly bruised. Who would ever think that of all the things he has been doing that he would get hurt vaccuming and then to get hooked by a fish hook? After all of that I figured he needed some pampering so I took him out to dinner went to Rumbi's. I love that place! The day turned out pretty good considering how the afternoon went.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

It was 22 years ago today that Bill asked me to marry him! I remember it like it was yesterday!He called me up early that day it was a Saturday. He asked me out to dinner he said he wanted it to be a special date. Oh my! my heart was beating I knew what he was thinking and I was a little scared and excited! Was I ready for this? He came and picked me up he brought me flowers then we went to dinner at seafood place called Seaman James and Bartly it was one of our favorite places to go. We were both dressed up. and while we waited for our dinner Bill pulled out the ring and asked me if I would marry him? I said Yeah (can you believe that answer!) I held out my left hand so he could put the ring on my finger. Yes there were many people watching. Then he came over to my chair and gave me a kiss! How romantic! I then made him drive to Alene's house (my cousin) to show her my ring. I have no idea why it had to be that night but it did. He just went along with me. I was so excited. when I got home my parents were waiting up for me, I think they had a sneaky suspsion it was going to happen. I guess through out the day I got over the scared part and went for the excited part pretty fast. Glad I did. We have had a good and happy marriage which brought us Jailee, Landon and Tanner who have added smiles, tears and happy times. Who also helped us turn into the Bear Lake Freak Family! We have a great family and I'm really really glad I said YEAH! Thanks Bill for the last 22 years! I Love You!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Have A House Full of 16 Year Old Boys...HELP

I have been looking around on the computer for just about a 1/2 hour and while doing this Landon and 3 of his friends have been hanging out on the couch just feet away from me. They are hysterical! I have heard about 5different topics, 1. the U Bisket test they all have recently taken for graduation, to a few weird kids they see at school to Jet Lee, my phone just rang and Landon answered it as City Morgue(?) advising that they have specials going on right now would they like to be picked up? Now they are talking about HOT CHICKS. This has been my house for about the last 3 plus weeks now! I know this is totally crazy but I'm really glad they like to hang out here at least I know what is going on and they don't care if I'm around. That makes me happy cause this way I can get to know all of his friends. They are Crazy and FUN! I'm so glad that Landon seems to have good friends.

Tanner is upstairs working on his Catapult for his science project (I'll post pictures later when he is done) He is way into building things of any kind. He is really good at. He designed his own catapult just by drawing it freehand. It looks just like his drawing. I am impressed! He has done this whole project by himself. Way To Go Tanner!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


This was on my friend Ali's blog and looked like lots of fun!Feeling lucky? The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice, for you. This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!2. What I create will be just for you.3. It'll be done this year, hopefully sooner rather than later.4. You will have no clue what it is going to be.5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange. :)The catch? You must re-post this on your blog. The first 5 people to do so and leave a comment telling me you did will receive a homemade gift by me! Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it!