Monday, July 9, 2012

So This is How It's Going to Be.....

Back in February 2000 Bill and I bought a 5th wheel trailer, it was the most awesome thing! It had bunk beds for the boys and a made up queen size bed for us, a couch, table all that made out into other beds and it has a slide out so it made it that much more roomy! Along with our purchase it came with a one year membership to Blue Water Resort at Bear Lake.  We could hardly wait for Summer to come so we could venture up there to see what it was like. Our first trip up was over Memorial Day weekend. We had a blast! The resort was right on the beach and it had a swimming pool and a hot tub, we thought we had all gone to heaven. Landon was 6 and Tanner was 4 so for them it was also a BIG deal! We went a lot over that summer in fact so much that we bought a membership so we could keep on going. Over the last 12 years it has been a huge part of our summer. We always went for the 4th of July and the 24th of July.  One year we went every weekend plus a few full weeks, I am thinking that Landon was 10 and Tanner was 8. One week when I was packing the trailer Tanner asked where we going?  I said where else....Bear Lake! his reply was not what I expected.....He came back with and I quote " What the heck, what are we The Bear Lake Freak Family" I just busted a gut, I said what's that all about? I thought you liked going there.  He said I do but can we ever do something else? I just laughed and said be glad you going any where, most kids would be loving it!  We continued going and have referred to ourselves from then on out as "THE BEAR LAKE FREAK FAMILY"  All our friends do too! Our Bear Lake trips have been a blast and as our kids continue to grow to be adults I hope that they will look back with fond memories. and even want to keep going with us as they start there own families!

Which brings me to our last week's vacation to Bear Lake.......It was so different than any other we have  ever had.

It's a start to a new season of life for Bill and I one that I am so excited for and  yet one that I will enter with a little tear in my eye, a tug at my heart. Things are changing.

Bill and I went to Bear Lake alone! Both boys have jobs now and not so much vacation time, Landon is working as a landscaper/snow removal guy with no paid time off. and Tanner is still a sweeper at the middle school and much to his surprise they have kept him on through this part of the year. (usually they only keep the part timers through June) so he didn't want to ask for any time off , since everyone that has asked for time off has been let go.

The above discription of why they didn't come with was a lot different than what Tanner told my neighbor Shaley Allen when she asked why he didn't come along with us.. Here is his version:

"Well they didn't take the boat so they didn't want to hear us say I'm bored, what can we do! and I do think that my parents have a whole other agenda planned for this week "Wink, Wink" if you get the idea! and I don't really even think they told us they were going, so that's why me and Landon didn't go"  and with that Shaley said she had to go.....Hmmm I'm thinking it was just a bit of TMI!  Hahaha!!!  Where does this kid come from?  all I could do was laugh when she told me his version, then I quickly told her mine!

The week was great!  We lounged on the beach, went on walks, and in our heavenly way of "Glamping" we watched movies, I read a book, and Bill surfed the web. and we heard no "I'm Bored" we went into town and got a milkshake and one night even went out to dinner.  Not one time did I get bored! On Friday our sailing friends came up and we went and said hello that day it rained all day. The next day returned back to being sunny and hot and we returned to visit our friends, it's the day Bill went sailing and I sat and chatted with the ladies and the kids, and even hula hooped for awhile!  Then we said our good byes to our friends because the next day we head for home, the day we find our if the kids killed each other, had a party, if the house was still there!  I am happy to report that all was fine on the home front!  But it also can be said those boys of mine are NO housekeepers!

                                                 2012  Just me and Bill

                                                 2006-2007 with the boys

So with all that has been said.......................I am happy to say that YES sometimes " This is How It's Going to Be" It does feel strange to think that Bill and I have kids old enough to stay home while we do something by ourselves every now and again, but I am happy too that they still want to come along!