Saturday, December 27, 2008


After everyone finally got unstuck from all the snow we got on Christmas we were finally all together at my mom's What a fun day! I love getting together with my Family! It is so much fun to have little babies again and might I say we have a couple of the cuttest little girls ever! Whitley has a really cute personality every time she smiles at you she wrinkles her nose and squints her eyes I can't believe she is 1 year old! and lillte Raylee is so funny I swear she would stand all day if you you could stand to hold her up she hates to be laid down she will strain her head until you finally give in and let her back up. As usual the kids made out like a bandit! Landon come home with a BC Surf and Sport gift card and a new hoodie and Tanner got some bike tools to put in his pack and a new hoodie. My Mom gave me and Bill new out door lights for our house and My brother Gordon gave a popcorn popper (stove) and two new movies Walli and Get Smart Can't wait to watch them. We then all ate lunch then everyone started to head out to their next destinations. We had to be over to Bills parents house at 6:00 so we had plenty of time to come home and take in a game of Life. and for me to take a couple of advil I was getting a headache. We got to Bills moms right at 6:00 and had a prime rib dinner! We left there at 9:00 the snow storm had arrived and it was was snowing hard. on our way home a car lost control right in front of us it did a couple of 360's but luckily they hit no one. We made it home safe and sound. The boys head off to bed they want to head skiing in the morning.

Morning comes but the canyon roads are closed for avalanche control. they can't get up until after 10:30 Landon decided he didn't want to go he has a little sore throat. Taner is all excited to go to try out his new head phones he can use with his IPOD. around 12:00 Bill is calling me to tell me that Tanner has lost his IPOD. Are you kidding is there some kind of rule I'm not aware of for the Hart kids that they can only have one IPOD between the two of them at a time? Well I guess we know what Tanner is going to spend his Christmas money on now don't we? Tanner calls me a little later to tell me that he wants to home because Dad won't stop being mad at him for loosing his IPOD. I tell him I won't come and get him that he'll just have to wait in the lodge he then tells me I'm useless and hangs up on me. This is how he gets when he is really mad. I know he'll get over in time. he calls me back and asks if I'll pick him up if he takes the bus home. I agree but I'm not real happy. He calls back and tells me he has changed his mind he is going to stay because now he dosen't want me mad at him. What ever! He endsd up coming home with Bill when the day is done and he is in a lot better mood. We head out later and he buys himself a new IPOD Nano. Tanner is happy again!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


I have a couple of minutes so I thought I'd sit down and tell you what we have been doing for the Christmas holiday. Yesterday being Christmas Eve Bill and I went out and about to pick up some last minute things. I even took him to Einstiens to get a bagel. then headed off to starbucks t get me a Chai frapachino Yummy! Landon was still sleeping when we left and Tanner had took off to the neighbors house. We were gone until 1:00. I then started cooking I made some meatballs I cooked them in a jar of grape jelly and a jar of salsa. I let the jelly and the salsa cook together then I added the meatballs I let them cook for about an hour and half. pretty tasty! I had to make 2 batches. At 5:00 Bill's family came over. I made hero sandwhiches jello salad and Dorothy (Bill's Mom) made a green salad and brought some chips Bill's brother Dawain came and so did my mom. After dinner we opened presents Bill's parents gave us a new BBQ grill AWESOME! and they gave Tanner a bike pump and headphones for his ski helmet. Dawain and the grandparents gave Landon a new IPOD finally something that made him SMILE! We gave George and Dorathy a waffle maker and a gift card to the movies. and to dawain we gave him some metel jacket headphones for his IPOD. We really had a nice evening everyone stayed until 9:00 then they all headed home. We stayed up and watched the movie Hancock. Then I had to wrap all the presents I got to bed at 1:00 at 1:10 I can hear someone moving around it's Tanner trying to sneak downstairs to peek at his presents I hurry and cut him off at the pass and head him back to bed he does this another time, I finally just don't care and I finally fall asleep.But who is up at 6:30 you guessed it Tanner. I had told him not to come into me until at least 7:00 so right at 7:00 here he is I talk him into another half hour. so we get up and dressed head downstairs and opened our presents. Landon got a new skateboard and shoes, shirt, bath towel and even new underwear! Tanner got a bunch of clothes and a chest/back protector for mountain biking the game life and new underwear! Tanner got me a new sweater and Bill a new pen set for work. Now we are at Grandma Hatt's waiting for everyone to get here. So far what a great Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2008

I've been a sickie

It has been a long time since I have been sick but I am now! Wednesday at work I started to get a tummy ache but didn't really thing much of it but when I got home it started to get worse, I begun to feel like I was going to throw up. I hung in there, Bill and I ran to Walmart when I got home I called Lorraine my manager to tell her it was possible I might not make it to work I was feeling worse. By 10:00 it had hit me. Oh I jate doing that! I was a few times during the night by 6:10 I was up getting the kids up to get ready for school. I called work to say I wouldn't be in. I am glad I called Lorraine last night this way it will not be counted as an occurance. I hate having to call in I feel like I put my responsibilties onto everyone else without any notice. I guess it happens to everyone evry now and then. I am feeling a lot better but my tummy still hurts a little. I feel hungry so I eat then it starts hurting again, hope this is over with soon.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Saturday Morning Wake Up Call

I know it's been a long time since I last blogged but this story is sure to make up for it!
Saturday morning I woke up to the phone ringing and as usual no one in the family answers the house phone but me so I jump out of bed and run down the hall to find that the kids had looked at the caller ID and found that it was one of those great 800 calls so I turn to go back to my room when I look into the kitchen to find it filled with smoke......This wakes me up pretty fast I glance around to find what is causing this and look at the microwave to see the inside in FLAMES! I yell who in the heck did this?? they both come running to see what I am freaking out about. Landon say's it was Tanner and Tanner is standing there with eyes as big as dollars saying I was just trying to make hot chocolate I said looks like its HOT alright, Oh my gosh I can't believe this! I open the door to find that the cup Tanner had choosen to use was a insulated coffee mug that had a screw in the botton with a metal ring around the top. Humm can't imagine why this started on fire! the mug has fallen over leaving no water in the mug with a huge amount of melted plastic to the turn table which was on fire. I quickly felt the mug which was oddly only warm I take it out and throw it in the sink now what to do with the turn table, I touch it to find it in the same condition as the mug.. only warm I take it out and put it in the sink and turn the water on it which as we all know shatters the glass turn table into 3 large pieces. the inside is completly black. Tanner has run into his room crying and I am mad! Landon opens all of the kitchen windows and I clean up the mess. I then go and get ready for the day so I could go do some Christmas shopping by this time it is really snowing hard and Tanner is still pouting and telling me he is going to run away that he cannot stand to live here knowing what he has done.
I obviously tell him he is not going anywhere and he heads off to his room. Sometime when I am not paying attention he sneaks out of the house and is off running away! I figure that he really won't be gone very long if for no other reason than the weather. So I head off to the mall to find Tanner walking down the next street over so I pull over to ask where he is running to and he tells me he is not sure, I advise him that it would be in his best interest to not go to far as am I am heading out to shop for him so if he wants anything for Christmas he should be home before I am. about an hour later when I returned he was home and saying he was sorry he didn't know the mug would start a fire!

What what a way to start the morning!