Thursday, July 31, 2008


Since being released from young womens I have been on the go. I have had so many meetings some with the new young womens presidency to hand over books and information I had. and 1 with the new primary presidency. Bill thinks I am nuts! oh well sometimes I think so too!

Landon was up early today at 6:00 AM he is off to Jackson Hole for a river run trip with the scouts. he'll return on Saturday sometime. depending on when he gets home will determine when we leave for San Diego. So we could leave Saturday or possibly Sunday if it's to late Saturday. Hope he has fun!!

Tanner is hanging at home today. Tonight I will have to start getting things ready for our trip.

Help I'm running out of time! I'll make it I always do!

A Busy Week

My night's are still going nuts, ever since I got released from young womens I have had a meeting of some sort. I meet with the new 2nd counslor to inform her of the class and to give her all the books and information. then last night I had a Primary presidency meeting, that went for almost 2 hours. Wow! when I got home Landon and 4 of his friends came in the house they are funny kids our house immedately was loud and full of life it was almost 10:00. they all helped themselves to a soda and was looking for snacks. I don't have much right now cause on Sunday we are leaving for San Diego so I haven't bought much for the house. They stayed for only a few minutes then out they went agian. Landon was back in around 10:30 and I shewed him off to bed he had to get up early this morning at 6:00 to head off for scout camp they are going river running in Jackson Hole Lucky!! he will be home on saturday, his hand is looking a lot better and he can use it again. yeah!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I worked late yesterday so I didn't get home until after 6:30, Bill was the only one home and he was on the computer so I didn't see him right away. Tanner was at Colby's house and Landon was out doing who knows what? I decided I really didn't want to fix a big dinner so I made a roast pork sandwhich it was pretty tasty!! I tried calling Landon several times to find out where he was but no answer on his cell phone. Hmmmmm theres a suprise! around 7:30 I decided I would go for a drive to see if I could find him as I rounded the 1st corner there he and his friend Brent was walking towards home. When I asked why he hadn't answered his phone his said it had died??? (in his defense he has been having some issues with his cell phone) and Brent said he doesn't have one. so since they were out skating they couldn't call me. I told them I would talk with them later and I decided I would go and talk to a friend (Natalie) about the upcoming school year carpool boy now there is a hot topic right! I ended up staying and chatting for over an hour. So by now it's 9:00 and I remember I still need to go get Tanner picked up Colby's parents are probably thinking that Tanner is moving in he has been there al day. So we say our goodbyes and I head to get Tanner, after cahtting with the Pratt's for min. we go home and the Ipson's are out and they want me to come in to see their new puppy (Kingston) he is a really tiny dog. really cute!, Then Wendy was waiting to chat. It is now 10:00 and I don't think I have seen Bill yet. Poor Bill he is not chatty like me! Thank heveans he is use to it.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Sunday morning I had to go meet the Bishop along with the whole Young Womens Presidency. As you can guess we were all released! (Kathy Blair-President, Serena Farr-1st counslor, Linda Hart (me) as 2nd counslor and Virginia Anderson-Secretary) We had all been in together for almost 2 1/2 years. I have been in Young Womens since 2003 I have been a teacher, secretary, 2nd counslor, and personal progress advisor. I have loved this calling!! but since the girls stay in about the same length of time as myself I feel like I am graduating from young womens. Right after I was released they asked me to be the secretary of Primary. So did I graduate? Even though I will really miss the girls it was probably time for me to move on...... It is going to seem really strange having Wednesday nights open now.

On Sunday afternoon I had my mom and her friend (my second Grandma) Wanda over for dinner. I made a pork roast, mashed potatoes, fresh greenbeans and a green salad. for dessert rootbeer floats. it was very tasty mmmm. After dinner my mom, Wanda and myself got looking at some old books that my Granda Hatt had put together they were old obituaries and wedding announcements. and her journal. we laughed a lot brought back some great old memories and told us some things we didn't even know. We must have look at these old books for over an hour. Then a big old wind storm hit and the skies were getting black and so I shewed my mom and Wanda home in case it started to rain I wanted them to be home before it did.

I love Sunday afternoons like this.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vacation Time Again?

It's saturday and I have been on vacation all week. We ended up not going anywhere. I took Tanner to Park City for his riding group after I dropped him off I went over to the outlet mall and checked out all the stores. I found a travel bag I want for when I have to go overnite for work. I ended up not getting it but I might the next time I take Tanner.

Landon was out skateboarding when they were skating in a train with his friends his was the first one going down the bowl as they were going down someone eles was coming towards them so Landon bailed off his board his was fine from that but when he went to pick up his board he had a hold of it with his right hand on the end when one of his friends was coming down and rammed his board into Landon's hand (his hand was squished between the boards) yikes! Landon kept skating for awhile as he was coming home his hand started to hurt by the time he got home he couldn't move it, it was swollen and his pinky finger and ring finger were numb. I was out talking to Wendy and he came over and showed me I told him to get in the car so I could take him to nite time ER. I thought for sure his hand was broken, it wasn't!! I couldn't believe it this was the 3 rd time in less than a year that I have taken him there for a skating injury. and each time I thought he had broken something and each time it wasn't I think he has bones of steel, I was teasing Landon that I wasn't taking him again unless I seen a bone sticking out. I really am glad he hasn't broken anything but I still can't believe it. I have taken him back to his regular doctor to have him check it because it wasn't getting better. He has no grip and his fingers are still swollen. his finger are still numb and his still says it hurts. his doctor put him on a prescription to take the swelling down. (an anti-infamatory) and for pain. He has been on that for a few days. it seems to be helping. if it is not all better in 5 days he is to go see a specialist. Hope we don't have to do that. he has scout camp (jackson Hole river run) this upcoming week then we head to San Diego.

Tonight Bill and I went to the new Sams Club on Bills scooter while we were there, there was a severe rain storm, it was a down pour and the wind was blowing so hard. when we came out to leave there was carts being blown all over the parking lot running into cars causing lots of damage it was amazing to see. I felt bad for those people. I then looked over and noticed that my helmet was gone it had blown off the scooter. The rain slowed down so we were able to go look for it. We looked everywhere we couldn't find it. I decided to go ask the people inside if someone had brought it inside? Someone had brought it in that was good! We headed home while it was a little calm. It never started raining again so we made it home without any incidents.

My friend Brenda just called I will sign out for for now, gotta go get caught up with her.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's all work

Work is going crazy right now. This week we will be getting a new computer program it will change a lot. We will still do the same thing just the way we do it will change. but in the mean time we are all going crazy..... I have had to do some overtime. but this coming week I'm on vacation again. It will be nice to just relax. we are not really going to do much gas prices have gone through the roof last time I checked $4.15 a gallon OUCH! in a couple of weeks we will be heading to San Diego Bill has a work conference so the kids and I are tagging along. I'll have to tell you all about it when we get back...Landon is almost done with his summer school he only has to finish up his book reports. Tanner has been having an awesome summer he has been biking like a mad man. and in the middle of doing that he has lost 21 lbs. he is looking great! good job Tanner! Everyone at school will be amazed at the change. They may wonder, hmmmm who is this kid? then they will say is that you Tanner. I even took Landon to the mall on Saturday to look at some school clothes he found a piar pf pants that he really liked they are white Krew pants. I think he is nuts to buy white pants but they do look really good on him! I can't believe that he is going into High School Wow........I'm feeling really old.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Starting to see better

Bill has had lasik eye surgery today. He had it done about 8 years ago and his eyes have changed a bit. The 1st time he had it done they made one eye for distance, the only for close up. This has always bugged him so today he had the right eye fixed so it was the same as the other one. He had to be there by 3:30 and he was in and out by 4:45 I picked him up at 5:00 brought him home he is suppose to nap for awhile. I picked up a pizza for dinner.

Tanner has been helping the neighbor mow his grandpa's lawn so he did that today. Landon worked on his history packet he only has 2 more chapters then he'll be done with that one. He still needs to read the book "Who moved my Cheese" and complete a book report and then he'll be completly done with summer school. Lets hope he has learned a few things by this expereince.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Things have been a little different

It has been 1 week since I last wrote. All of last week Bill and Tanner were gone to Bear Lake Scout camp. So that left Landon and myself home. I had to work everyday. Landon only had to work 1 day and that was Friday 11:30-2:00. Landon has been skating almost everyday. He has a friend, Cody that lives by the skate park so he ventured there a couple of days. 1 day he went to Grandma Hatt's to help dig up some tree stumps and help her with some old ceramic molds, she is cleaning them all up so she can try to sell them, she is not doing a lot of ceramics these days. Landon had Cody come with, not always a good idea to have friends come along when there is work to do they get side tracked pretty easy, not only that but that made Landn want to leave more quickly. After lunch they took off back to the skate park. That evening as I was getting home from work my neighbor Shanna was just getting home as well and was locked out of her house so she came over and I fixed dinner for us (spagetti) she stayed until 9:00 it was nice to have someone to visit with! After she left I went and picked up Landon from Codys. Came home and just relaxed. Landon had some homework to get done so I read a book, it is about Scott Peterson he murdered his wife back in 2000 on Christmas Eve. She was pregnant and due in less than a month. It was an interesting book.

Tanner and Bill returned home without any problems on Friday around 4:00. They seemed to really enjoy the week.

Glad to be all together again.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun is over back to work for me!

Last night's BBQ went well. It was just my little family and Bill's parents. 1 of Bill's brothers lives in Idaho (Steve and Lisa) so obviously they could not come down for dinner. Dwain the middle brother lives just a few streets away for his parents but he is on vacation to San Diego so he was having way more fun than our dinner could have provided. Dwain is not married-hence why he can travel and have a beautiful home. Bill's mom Dorathy has just got a new little puppy it is a Havasu (big question if I spelled that right) his name is Frankie, he is so little and cute. Landon and Tanner love him they were constantly fighting over him. we left their house a little after nine so that Bill and Tanner could come home and finish packing for the scout trip to Bear Lake aquadics camp. Bill is going as a driver/leader of sorts. They are taking my new Highlander, so now I'll be stuck with the old bomb! (oh well at least I have something to drive) they left at six this morning. Tanner called me around ten this morning to tell me they were there and the tents were up and most importantly that the highlander did great and got 38 miles to the gallon, these days that is really good considering no one wants to drive anywhere because of the gas price of $4.00 per gallon. I'm home alone right now because Landon has gone to his friend Cody's house. apparently they are heading to the Herriman skate park. I've been doing a little bit of banking and decided to sit down and write in here for a bit. Bill has just called me from Bear Lake. Tanner has been swimming and rock wall climbing. and now they are getting ready for the campfire fireside.

I had to go to work today it was a real busy Monday after the Holiday!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

What A Great Long Weekend

Right after work on Thursday I came right home and dug into yard work. Us and two of the neighbors went in on a big garbage bin so we could clean out our yards. We had a brick planter box and old piegon pen that we tore down. we have been working on the planter box for a couple of months. We had borrowed Ron's sledge hammer and Landon and Tanner have been working their guts out. It was to a point where Bill had to get involved to finalize the project. After the bricks were all thrown out I mentioned to Bill we ought to get rid of the piegon pen. On Friday when I went to pick up Landon from work Bill had knocked the pen down and just needed a hand to throw the bigger pieces away. Our backyard is finally looking a lot better. What away to spend the 4th of July....... Ron and Brody was asked to be apart of the Stadium of Fire, fireworks they were representing the Bow and Arrow side of the olympics. During a certain song and part of the song they were to shoot an arrow at the target and it would send up a firework. I guess they had a number of people for certain thymes of the summer olympics involved. but not all their fireworks went off when they hit their targets. At anyrate Ron had a couple of extra tickets so my mom and one of my kids were able to go. (I had them draw straws, the one who picked the short one got to go) Tanner was the winner, so off he went to see the show. Mylie Cyris ( Hannah Montana) was singing, along with the Blue Man group. He had a great time. He also spent the night at my mom's house and the next moring he got up and worked in her yard digging out old tree stumps, he planted some flowers and fixed her birdhouse in the ground and hung up her bird feeder. He was busy, busy, busy. We finished up in the yard and I had to hurry and do the wash and clean up around the house. I also had to work on my lesson for Young Womans on Sunday. I was late at getting my lesson prepared I kept putting it off. I still was not done with that when we had to leave for Gordon and Sandy's my whole side of the family was coming to their house for a BBQ. We were all able to go except Brody ( Ron's son). We all had a good time, we took many family pictures as a whole and seperate so when I get a copy I'll post them. Today I had to give my lesson for young womens, it went really well. I had a lot of compliments. I'm always relieved to hear that they learned something. We are heading to Bill's parents house for another BBQ. So I'll take more photos then post those as well. Well off we go for another round of laughter and fun.... Tell I'm at a computer without a virus. Ours should be fixed soon.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Catching Up

Our computer at the house has been attacked by a virus and been out of commission all week so I haven't had time to update all week. I am at work a bit early today so I thought I would wrote a few things. Last Saturday We all got up a little early and went to breakfast at IHOP while there Tanner told a lady that came around making balloons that it was my birthday so she made me a princess balloon crown. I had to wear it all through breakfast. After that Landon had to be to work at 11:30 It was a busy week On Sunday I had Bill's parents and my Mom over for dinner. We had a really nice visit. We do a lot of laughing.

Monday was back to work for me, ughhhhhhh. it's hard to get back into it again. I made it through the day just fine. Tuesday night Landon was out riding his skateboard when he came walking home it was getting dark but as he got closer I could see that he was carrying his board in two pieces he has broken his 2nd board, he had a pretty sad face. No he really wants to get his 1st pay check so he can go buy a new one! Last night Landon went down to the skate park to see his friends and came home with another board that some kid had just bought a new one so Landon asked if he could have his old one. Now he is happy again :) I also went to mervyns to get me a new pair of shoes while I was looking at shoes Landon and Tanner went to BC's to have them put the trucks and wheels on the new board Landon just got. After they got done they were walking back to meet me when 1bout 5 girls yelled at them to stop! They said they thought landon was cute and wanted to talk with them (Oh brother) on the way home Landon said that has been happening to him a lot lately ( oh no ) . I think I'm in trouble!!!

It is Thursday but on the work week it's Friday since tomorrow will be the 4th of July! YEAH