Saturday, April 21, 2012


Almost a year ago I participated in a health assessment at work and I was shocked by the results...It made me take a step back and look at how I was living my life and what I could do to make some changes in order for me to be a bit more weight for one had skyrocketed I weighed more than when I was 9 months fact my weight at the time of the assessment was so much more than when I delivered my babies I could have been carrying twins...WOW!!! So the same week of the assessment I started walking....Walking my neighborhood, there are many up and down hills and I couldn't walk all that long. but I was persistent and kept on walking...soon it was not so hard and I was able to walk without being out of breath. I continued walking throughout the winter.  I fell one night and was sure I had broke my tailbone, it hurt for a good month, in the end I don't think I broke it but just had a deep bruise...I was very leery to walk after it snowed.  January came and it was time for Bill and Tanner to renew their gym membership and to add me was only 30.00 for the whole year, now I have a safe place to walk.  After I had done that for sometime I decided  that my body was getting use to it and I needed to change things up so I started running, the gym has an indoor track and at first I could only run ( when I say run, it's more of a slow, really slow jog) one time around the track, then I was exhausted, I kept trying and soon I was able to run ( I think I am actually running by this point)  2 times around the track, I was able to walk two then run 2  for 3 miles..I did that routine for a few months then one day I couldn't run at all my legs just felt weak, time to change it up again.  so I started strength training. I have started to lift weights with my legs and arm...ohhh the burn! One day my friend from work came to work out with me, she showed me some things to do I was able to keep up pretty good and we worked out for almost 2 hours, the next two days I paid for that I was pretty sore but I kept going every day and soon the pain was gone, until the next time she came and we start to do some abdominal training....Can you say hurt I couldn't even cough without hurting, I came to find out during that session that I cannot do a sit up so that has been what I am working on I can do a sit up but it's still hard.  I will get there!!!  Since my strength training started I can run again....Now I can run 4-6 times around the track continuously.  Since my original assessment I have lost 14 pounds and I feel good! I still want to loose more but I am on the right track. It feels great to be in better shape and it's fun to be able to go to the gym and workout with my family.

So here is to good Health, Happiness, and to NEVER giving up!