Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It was a great Labor day weekend, things were going good. Tanner's friend Scott was staying with us for a week while his parents were in Powell. The day was actually labor day, Bill and Tanner we all hyped up it was a great day for a bike ride up at "The Canyons" They have a summer season pass for the lift they are way into mountain biking their favorite is to ride the lift up then go as fast as they can down some mountain trail. Tanner is getting really good, but he also like to jump and do tricks it was in the late afternoon and they had found a new jump it was called "Niagra Falls" he watched a few other kids jump it and felt good that he could do it too. Off he went peddling up so he could give it a try. He starts off good but misses the landing it was in a very rocky area he goes up and over the handle bars hitting the ground he is well protected he wears a helmet, neck brace, a spine brace and chest protector knee and elbow guards. When he hits the ground he land on his chest he felt nothing different than any of his other crashes he is just mad that he didn't make the landing, he jumps up to get his bike and that's when he notices that there is something wrong with his wrist, he yells to Bill that he thinks he broke his arm Bill comes over thinking he is over reacting as he had watched the crash and doesn't think that it looked all that bad.....He was wrong when he got to Tanner he could instantly tell it was broken it was distorted. Now how to get Tanner and his bike and Bill's bike off the mountain, they were a was away from the truck. Bill leaves Tanner to go for help, the patrol comes to help they put Tanner and his bike in the back of a 4 wheeler the kind that has a bed and hauls him off the mountain. I get a call telling me they were on the way to the Park City hospital Bill didn't think Tanner could handle the ride to the hospital in Murray he would call me when he knew something. While we wait for an update call, I take Scott around the neighborhood to pick up flags that the scouts had put out for the Holiday. Bill called about an hour later letting me know that it was a broken wrist he had broke the growth plate in half along with another bone, they were going to put tanner out and pull his wrist back into place. They would be home after all was done, Tanner reached the hospital around 5 in the afternoon and got home right around 11:30 that night. Tanner came home pretty out of it,but hungry! he had requested that I make him my 5 star chicken noodle soup. I had it waiting for him the poor kid could harding stay awake long enough to eat! I have the funnest video of him trying to eat and falling asleep! (I will have to down load it and post it some day!) I got him to bed he slept well that night. He stayed home from school the next two days. 1 week later he got his hard cast on it was bright green his favorite color. He got the cast off 7 weeks later. it is has been off 1 week now it is still sore and he has almost regained all motion back. And yep you got it.....He can hardly wait to go ride again!!! What a guy!