Saturday, December 12, 2015

What a Year

Well here is my year end review of the Harts. 

Bill and I traveled around 8 thousand miles on the Harley! We made a trip to the Grand Canyon in May, 2015. We traveled with Ray and Alene Jensen and Ron Summers. Our trip started out on the chilly side, a big rain storm was brewing! But thank heavens we missed it it was either right behind it or just in front of us! We had a grand time....pun intended! Lol! By the time our trip was nearing the end we were boiling! We seen so much, I am so glad we went. 

On July 19, 2015 Ray and Alene were traveling through Colorado, going to an event called StarBQ a rally for Yamaha owners, they were really looking forward to it! They were involved in a motorcycle accident, Alene was injured pretty bad, she was life flighted and remained in ICU for 9 days. On July 29  , 2015 she passed away at 3:15 am I got the call no one wants to get around 3:45 am from Ray letting me know, I have thought a lot about her since then, I am sad but yet know she is now with her babies that passed before they ever had the opportunity to enjoy life, before their birth. Back with her parents. And her 1st husband and some friends. I spoke at her funeral, I got to share some great memories, our fun times, our sad ones it helped me to grieve. We were not only cousins, but we have worked together for almost 30 years, we sat by each, ate lunch together and seen each other nearly every weekend. It has been an adjustment. But I am thankful I have the belief that we will see each other again!  

Since we do not have kids who need us for really anything any more we tend to come and go as we please, there is no reason to hurry home to cook dinner, do laundry. We are really enjoying this time in our lives! I do miss having little kids, and them being around to fill our home with laughter and fun. But as with anything when the time comes for different events in life you are usually ready for it. It is after all what our job is. To raise our kids to be self sufficient, to be able to manage for themselves. To let them handle things on their own. It's a good feeling to know you have taught them, that they can handle what's put before them. 

Landon  Is back to plumbing but still isn't going to school, he just isn't sure that this is what he wants out of life. He will figure everything out one day. In the  mean time it is a good job. He has a girlfriend who he has been with for 1 1/2 years. 

Tanner is I his 3rd year of plumbing school and has started with a new company just this week. He seems to enjoy it, he is grateful for the the company that he has been with for the last 3 years he learned a lot. And enjoyed his time there, they were good to him. Just a good opportunity to move on to learn something new. He will be doing more service calls where at the old job it was new construction.

Bill and I are still the same nothing job wise has changed. This picture taken today at the Yamaha Christmas party. It's bills tradition to be mr. Grinch and not smile. 

Landon celebrating Turing 23 

The crew at the Grand Canyon! Alene, Ray, Bill, Linda, Ron

Alene and I 

Me and Tanner 20th birthday!

Over and out!