Friday, October 24, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

I traveled to Neveda this week for work. There was 4 of us that went. We stayed at the Monte Carlo. Our trip started off with a small boy on the suttle to the airport he was a pistol!! he had a headlamp on shinning in all our faces, and then he was talking so loud that everyone could hear with no trouble what so ever. We found out that he licked the seat and had gems on his tounge so he was spitting all over the window to get the gems out. He then found the Emergency Exit and grabbed the lever but informed his Mom that he was not going to open it that he was making sure it wouldn't open. when she told him to let go he informed her again that he was no longer going to touch her best news she had heard all morning! Have I mentioned I think he was 3? Got to the airport having nightmares he would be on the plane sitting next to me. I said a quick prayer and it was answered We never seen him again. We left Salt Lake at 8:23 and arrived in Vegas at 8:30 Wow they fly fast these days. (Time Change) Our meeting was to start at 12:00 we decided to see if we could by chance check in... We were in luck, rooms were ready. We all went to our rooms and checked them out. and decided to meet at 11:30 to head down to our meeting. I discovered in my room I had no soap of any kind. ( glad I threw some in my bags) I also found if I was to have gotten hungry I could have eaten old fries on the bathroom floor. Ohh Yumm! I then around very carefully to nake sure the bed looked clean and my towells, Looked ok. I then unpacked and ironed my clothes for the next day. 11:00 came around Darci called me and said she couldn't stay in her room another min, so we took off early. found our meeting room and they informed us we was to go eat. so we went were they told us and it was closed...Hmmm. maybe they are opening soon, then again maybe not it was completly dark sign said closed on Wednesdays.. We decided we'd better go back upstairs finally find it and they inform us that we now have only 5 mins to eat. Oh what a trip. We scarf our food and run to the meeting. Today each office has to do their presentation of what their office accomplished this year. I have learned to like to stand and talk in front of people but this made me nervous! we ended up be 4th in line. I had a hard time concentrating on the ones before me. When it was our turn I did ok, I forgot my lines once or twice but jumped back in quickly.
At dinner that night at Diablos Our head Market Manager announced the winners of the presentation and Our office took 3rd out of 7 offices which means we brought back $$$ for our office to use as they want.. Can you say PARTY cool! I was exhausted after dinner so I went and gambled $5.00 and it lasted me a whole 30 seconds, Wow now there was more fun than I deserved. I went back to my room feel to sleep by 10:00 first I called home and then to my Mom. The next day was more meetings until 1:00 our flight didn't leave until 5:50 we find a park bench to sit at in the hotel for the next 2 hours then headed to the airport. We had a lady on the plane that was drunk and loud. using language that was very insulting. they almost escorted her off the plane long before it was even taking off. She finally got a little softer but we could still hear the @#$@% words WOW. got Salt Lake at 8:30 Home at Last at 9:00.
Just another adventure.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It Might Be The Last Weekend for Biking

This is what Bill and Tanner did while I was in Fairview. (Bill is on the top Tanner on the bottom) They are up off of "I" Street at the jump park. They wanted to get in at least one more weekend on the bikes. They picked a good day, it was not to cold or hot. They also went up to snowbird to get their passes for skiing, Landon went with them and they also found Tanner a new coat and Landon a new bennie. We bought Landon all new stuff for skiing at the end of last season. So now that they are not going to be on the ski team this year Tanner needed a new coat. Landon hung out at the skate park with his friends. I'm going to have to go take some pictures of him but it's a little diffcult there is really no good spot to stand and take pictures there are boards and blades flying every where. One day I will get them.. Anyway I'm glad we all had a good time.


Well here is what I did while I was off work for a couple of days. I took my mom and went to Fairview to visit my Aunt Nancy. Nancy and her friend Sophie do a girls weekend and everyone makes a birdhouse. It is such a great time! It is so interesting how we all start off with basically the same house (there are 2 different styles) and how different everyone thinks to decorate them . There is never two the same. Although my mom would like to copy exactly how Karen paints her's. Karen's is the third from the right, it is a halloween house and it turned out so cute! We stayed up untill 12:00 midnight painting. We always eat and paint at Sophie's house and sleep at Nancy's house. We finally hit the bed around 1:00 AM I think we finally fell to sleep around 2:00 We couldn't quit talking. The next day we went back for breakfast and then hit the boutiques. I bought a cute picture frame to put on my kitchen table. I should have taken a pic of that as well, I didn't think about it. We also ent and visited a family friend I haven't seen in years, Oleah Mower. We then went back and had some lunch, then finally headed home around 4:30. It was a nice drive home, Seen a lot of deer hunters as it was the opener for the hunt. Can you believe I didn't get lost once. ( and no I didn't use my GPS) You just never know where we might end up. Our sense of direction is sometimes a little off. Any way we had a great time! It was fun to go see my Aunt and Uncle . Thanks for the wonderful weekend! My birdhouse is the red one.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tanner's 50 Miler Picture

All summer Tanner's scout group worked on a biking merit badge. In order to receive this badge they had to go on several rides. They had to complete 2, 10 mile rides 2, 15 2, 25 and 1, 50 mile ride. for thier 50 miler they started in Coalville and crossed the boarder to Wyoming and back to coalville. They left home at 6:30 AM. and returned home at 3:00PM. Tanner said they had a great time. They made one stop for lunch and a few others for drink breaks. He was completely tired when he got home. Here is the group picture they took. Tanner is the 2nd from the left.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Check Landon out! he has a smile without braces. He got his braces off on the top, still has them on the bottom. It's about time he has had them on since 4Th grade. ( off and on that is). We was beginning to wonder if they were going to be a permanent fixture. He got them off on Tuesday of this week. After school he went to the skate park and his friend told him that his teeth were "Pretty" and I'd say I agree.