Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This year Christmas snuck up on me!  It was here before I knew it.  I guess I just kept thinking that I had more time... a lot more!  Not so!

I finally put our tree up....Not the same one I usually do.  I had purchased a set of three pine trees many years ago, I always wanted to use them as my tree but it felt awkward, not what I was use to.  My idea in getting these three trees was to symbolize my three children. I wanted my tree to having some sort of personal meaning....I LOVED IT!  I am sure I will do it again!  I was able to put the trees up in my front room usually the tree is downstairs where we have more room, the only problem is we don't usually spend time downstairs...The three trees are not bulky they are more tall and skinny so I was able to put them in front of the main window.

This year has been a year of change, with Landon graduating and Tanner being a Junior in High School the Christmas feeling has changed, they were not bugging me about putting up our tree and they don't care to listen to Christmas music, if it ain't head banging screamo stuff they don't want to hear it! I guess we are even I don't care much to listen to their music!  Oh the JOYS of having teens in the house.  

Also....Tanner went on his bike camp for his Christmas present. and Landon got his new bed....and they both loved their presents but not much to get up for on Christmas morning....

We had a few family gatherings this season as well... The Hatt's got together on the 19th for our anual gift exchange and dinner.  This year we had pizza and salad with some yummy  breadsticks and Fat Boys for dessert!  We always have a good time we all like to see each other and hear stories and laugh!  I am so lucky to have to older bothers! and be able to see their families!  We love to see each other and enjoy each others company!

On Christmas eve we get together with the Hart's This year we had our Nephew  Austin his wife Breena and their son Kael from Idaho come and spend the week with us! We had a great time and feel so blessed that they come to see us.  We loved having them here and it was so fun to have a three year old in the house to liven it up a bit! Christmas spirit really comes when there are little kids around!

On Christmas morning we got up and fixed waffles eggs and sausage...then opened a few more presents Santa brought a couple of gifts for Landon and Tanner, santa gave each of them a movie pass and a refillable mug at the theater.Santa found Kael at our house too! brought him some cars and transformers!
after we went to see my Mom and had some corn chowder and gave her a new camera!  She gave Tanner a new robe and lounging pants he loved them, had to put them on and then advise me that we should start subscribing to the news paper so he could go outside to pick it up in his robe!  He is too much! We all teased him that in his robe he looked like Hue Hefner!  LOL!!!  Landon got a beard trimmer and had to go right in and try out all the nifty gadgets!  Later that night we headed back to Bill's parents for Prime Rib dinner....It was a Wonderful Christmas Day!!

So now that is all said and done.....Here is wishing all my friends and family a FABULOUS New Year!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Friday was a day like any other day....except that  it was Landon's 19th Birthday!  Can I just say that I am in total disbelief!  Where has the time gone?  That day took me back to the day he was born...I was scheduled for an induction at LDS hospital had to be there at 7:00 am. by around 6 that night I still had not had him and he was stressing so they decided that it was time for a C-Section so off to the operating room I went with Bill by my side and my Mom and Dad waiting out in the waiting room. By about 7:15 he was here but was rushed off to ICU as he had swallowed some amniotic fluid, there he stayed for 4 more days, I went home without him but was called the next day to say I could pick him up, Talk about a happy mom! the day I picked him up it started to snow it didn't stop for 40 days, I was so happy to have had him home and was able to do nothing but cuddle with him the whole month long!  I think that whenever  I was home I had him in my arms....He was my dream come true!  I was so happy to have a baby in my arms again! He has been my buddy!  We have hung out with each other, had many talks, laughter and tears. Even though he is a man now he will always have a special place in my heart! My first boy, he was one that liked to cuddle and be held until he was almost to BIG for my lap, still as we watch TV he will come sit by me and want me to tickle his back and every night when he is heading to bed he will tell me....I Love You Mom! I will never get tired of hearing that.  We have had our ups and downs but I will always be thankful that he is my son!  He has the BEST smile that can warm me up!  There was once a long time ago that he was so little and I was his world...now he is all grown up and our worlds are separating and soon he will be starting his own life as an adult. I hope I have done a good job in teaching him all he will need to know and that he listened well. I Love You Landon Karl Hart with all my HEART...Happy Birthday!!!

I had the Grandparents over last Sunday for the annual birthday dinner, this year Landon wanted pasta so I made regular spaghetti and shrimp Alfredo, green salad, cranberry fluff, garlic bread and for desert we had pie and ice cream!  and his cute girlfriend came too! It was a nice day. I am so glad we have this tradition!  however I need to get better and take more photos!  I only took one..Look how tall he is compared to the grandmas! 

                                          Grandma Hatt, Landon, Grandma Hart, Grandma Wanda Naylor

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's a Gift that Keeps on Giving!!

Well as I had mentioned in my last post, Bill and Tanner went to Boulder Nevada for a downhill Mountain biking camp.  They left right after we ate Thanksgiving dinner as they had a 8 hour drive to get there.  The trip was problem free and the weather was good so that made me happy! Now at home it's just me and Landon....or really should I say just ME!  Landon is always gone with friends and that's how it's suppose to be and to be honest...I was looking forward to a little time alone!  Don't get me wrong it feels really funny when all the boys are gone and I do MISS them like crazy! But I really enjoy being able to do exactly what a want....when I want! I did however have to work Friday after Thanksgiving and not only that but I was on the night shift...Haha! its what we are calling the extended duty shift. I worked 10:00 to 7:00  it was a slow day, after all everyone is out doing the Black Friday Shopping!  I came home fixed me a quick bite to eat and change into my comfy clothes and head to the couch where I find me a cute Christmas show to watch, where I eventually doze off into a blissful sleep.

Tanner's camp was from Friday to Sunday.  It was a camp to teach techniques for downhill racing, the instructor is a pro biker named Gene Hamilton.  The camp name was "Better Ride"  Tanner has been saying for months that he wanted to go to this camp...Then one day he said he wanted it to be his Christmas present....I was not really up with this idea, after all how boring on Christmas morning!  I hate my boys growing up and having all these changes...I miss the little guys!!!  but Tanner insisted that this gift would be "A Gift That Will Keep Giving" for the rest of his life! This camp was not a cheap camp....I basically had to sell my right arm and leg to pay for it, so hopefully come Christmas morning he will remember how much fun he had and that he remembers all he learned... I will have to ask on Christmas if he would do it again? 

Bill and Tanner did not get home until Monday morning around 1:00am and they went right to bed both had to get up and go to school and work.  When I woke Tanner up that morning he was pretty grumpy nothing was going right, couldn't find the car keys, backpack and the windows on his car was frosted over and he had a test to take before school started....school starts at 7:55 and by 7:45 he had text me saying the test was a piece of cake! but he didn't feel very good..I told him to get to class! the next thing he is calling be back it was 8:10 he said "Mom I can't do this my eyes are killing me and I just don't feel good, please check me out"  Tanner is not usually a bluffer nor does he try to get out of going to school so I check him out and tell him to go home and go to sleep....NO video games, he informs me he couldn't play if he wanted to.  I call and check on him around 10:30...no answer so I wait another hour and call again, I wake him this time and  I ask him how is doing and does he need to go to the doctor?  No he says I will be fine!  at 1;15 I get a text "Need Doctor" Tanner has always been right on when he says this so I call and get him in. they want him there in 10 Min's. I can't get home and to the doctors that fast so I just send Tanner, I had to fax over a  consent to treat letter and when he is in seeing the doctor the doctor calls me to say that Tanner is really sick and he is not sure what is wrong, his eyes look like pink eye but with the other symptoms, nausea, tired, just not feeling good he is not sure that it's just pink eye but he gives him the drops and tells me to bring him back if there is no change in two days. on Wednesday there is NO change and he has now missed 3 days of school. I take him back and the Dr's are sure that it's pink eye but caused by the flu, the only doctor that can give him the correct drops (steroids) is an eye doctor so they call Dr. Turner who gets us right in and was able to give us a sample bottle and we are off!  (really not that quickly, we were at the Dr's 2 hours) and I take Tanner back home and I rush back to work. He was able to go back to school the next day and back on the mend! That kid gets sick every time this time of year!  Glad he is on the Mend.....
Stay tuned Friday is a BIG  Day for a member of the Hart family!