Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Moab Weekend

Bill and Tanner headed to Moab last Friday to do some mountain biking Tanner has been waiting a long time to go to slickrock and mushroom drop. Since there was no school on Friday they left early. They found a camp spot pretty easy so they set up camp then headed for a ride. I guess they had a blast. Tanner was in heaven. Lots of people kept asking Tanner how old he was when they found out he was 13 they couldn't believe he was riding these trails one mom came up to him and said that her 16 and 18 year would never dare to ride where he had rode. I guess there are not many young kids that go riding down there. The picture shows him at the top of the mushroom drop. (I can tell you one thing if you promise not to tell Tanner) he did not jump this jump. it is about a 10-12 foot drop and it lands right on another rock. Bill didn't feel like making a trip to the hospital so he wouldn't let him do it and to be honest I don't think Tanner would have he just talks big but that's it.
While those two were out having fun in Moab Landon and I were at home (Landon is not into biking) so on Friday night we went to McDonalds then up to snowbird to take some skis and coats up to try to sell at the swap. Afterwards I dropped Landon off at the skate park and I went home to clean and do laundry. Landon had a friend stay the night then the next day I went to work and Landon and his friend returned to the skate park later that afternoon another one of Landons friend invited him to the "Big A**"( that was the name I promise) concert at the Usana center he was way excited he has wanted to go to a concert way bad. they left around 2 and I went and picked them up around 10:00 he has not stopped talking about it since. I didn't have anything going on so I asked my mom to go to a movie with me so we went and seen Fly Boys what a great show. I think I'll have to buy it. We also went to Astro and had lunch what a fun relaxing day. Looks like we all had a great weekend!

Could This really be?

Can you believe Tanner has grown facial hair. Wow that happened really fast. All I did was take him to Reams and he came home looking like this! He was so excited he told me he is going to be a "Rock Star" for Halloween so here is a partial preview. He was so funny he had to go to his friend Eric's to show him, Eric was so excited that they had to ride down to reams to get him one. Eric's mom called me laughing up a storm I guess they got some pretty good pictures of the two of them together. Thanks for the good LAUGH Tan!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm a Great Aunt again..Wahooo!!

It's true!! I now have a new nephew he was born in Hawaii on September 24th 2008. His name is Kael Hart he is cute, looks just like his Dad, Austin who is Bill's brother's (Steve) son. Austin and Brenna were married last year on November 26th , Austin is in the Air Force and stationed in Hawaii. I am so happy for them!! can't wait to hear more news about him all I know is that he is here. I am sure it will be along time before I see him in person it really could be years especially because when they come back home it will be to Idaho that is where Austin and Brenna were orginally from. both of their families still live there. It's still fun to know that I'm a new Aunt! Wow I remember when Austin was born it was way fun I use to tend him a lot when his mom had to work. I can't believe that now he is a DAD! Hold on your on the ride of your life!. CONGRATS!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gave A Helping Hand

Last Thursday I was able to go help Sara Newton a lady that lives in my neighborhood. She broke her hip while jogging. she is a young mom with the cutest little girl ever! I got to go over to their home and help out with the baby and do what I could for Sarah. I had such a fun time! But boy have I forgot what it is like to care of a little one. It's a full time job but a great one. The baby's name is Grace and she she was so good for me I have really never been around her and she came right to me and we played and had a good time when it was time for bed she was an angel! she went right to sleep (I got to rock her to sleep) I remember those days that was such a great way to spend time with your little one. I then tidied up her kitchen and helped her into bed. We had a great visit, the Newtons are new to our ward. Sarah had just been put in young womens right before I was released. I really enjoyed this evening. Hope she is better fast.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


An event took place 17 years ago this month on the 5th. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I can remember the whole day, even to what I was wearing. I still find it hard to believe that it has been 17 years. I remember her laugh, smile and her tiny features she seems perfect in my eyes she was a dream come true. She was a fun baby! a good baby! but she had her fussy times. I couldn't believe I had a Girl they are hard to come by on both sides of the family. I felt truly blessed. On September 4th 1991 my worst fears came true My Jailee had been rushed to Alta View ER she had stopped breathing. My world had been turned upside down in a flash. she was then life flighted to Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake. After doing all the doctors could do she was taken off life support the next day September 5th 1991 and took one final breath and passed peacefully away. I remember them placing her in my arms to say goodbye........

Today Jailee would be a Senior at Alta it is hard to imagine who she would be and what she would look like. Sometimes I feel paniky because the vision of her face leaves me, then all I do is think back to the great memories I have of her and it all comes back. I wonder all the time about what she would like to do, who would her friends be? Would we get along?

I do have to say that even though I only had her for almost 7 months I am glad I had her in my life. I think she helped me be the Mom, wife and friend I am today. I am so glad that I was able to hold, hug and kiss her for as long as I did. I was blessed because she is my daughter. I will be blessed to hold again someday. That day will be a great day!

Untill then I will continue to hold hug and kiss the 3 men in my life Bill, Landon and Tanner and be grateful for what I do have right now. These 3 will help me to laugh, love and smile and even cry at times for the rest of my life. I LOVE my family with all my heart.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Tanner has gone all summer with really no major accidents, with all his biking almost everyday I have found that to be a blessing! and a big Whew....but today his luck ran out! When he got home from school he called and said he was heading to the gully by the skate park to work on building a bike jump. I of course asked who was going with him and he stated that none of his friends could go so he was going by himself. And again I told him I didn't like him going off by himself but of course what do I know? I had to stay late at work to finish up a couple of things so I was just leaving work around 5:30 on my way home I thought I would call him to see if he wanted a ride home. He answered the phone at almost the same time it would have gone to voice mail I immediately knew something was wrong. He was not his happy self and when I asked what was the matter he said he had tried his new jump and crashed he was now crying very hard he said he thinks he broke his arm (right) I ask him where he is at as he has his bike and a shovel and now an injured arm, he tells me he is walking home home pushing his bike and carrying the shovel, I tell him to stay where he is and that I'll call Dad to go get him. He thinks he can keep going. I call Bill and tell him whats going on and to head to where Tanner is at. Of course he doesn't call me back so I worry all the way home. I get home to see that Tanner looks like his has been through the war. His chin is scrapped and the side of his cheek but to my suprise his arm doesn't look broken and he can move it pretty good but not without hurting. I give him a some advil get him in the tub by the time he gets out he says his arm doesn't hurt as bad. I guess we'll have to see what the morning brings? We also tell him that is one very good reason why you don't go off by yourself. I hope he remembers this event in the future!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Now that school is back in session it really feels like the summer is done.........and what do we have to show for it? well we did go to San Diego but that was it. I feel kinda jipped we didn't go to Bear Lake once, that is sad a few years ago we went so much that Tanner said to me one day "What are we the Bear Lake Freak Family?" So that's what we've called ourselves ever since. It just felt like it would cost us so much in gas this year to do anything. I almost hated to start the car at all. Just to go to work and back and the little bit of chasing you have to do I have spent and average of 60-80 dollars a week on gas :( I hate it! then there is this food bill I have I think I am spending 3-500 a month easy maybe more . I wish we didn't have to eat. Oh Ok I'll stop my bellyaching I know it doesn't help. Maybe I should get a 2nd job. Oh wait I'm a mom I guess I need a 3rd job! When would I ever have time?

Tanner seems to be doing faily well in school so far but on day 4 I get a call from his history teacher, she wants to know how she can stop him from talking hmmmm I wonder we he gets that from? she apparently doesn't know me know does she? I just tell her that I'll talk with him and see if we can work something out. since our talk he seems to be not so chatty.

Landon is taking Drivers Ed. WATCH OUT! just kidding. I have taken him driver a few times and he does a pretty decent job. He is also in POWER LIFTING wow if you know what he looks like you're probably asking what is he lifting? he is the skinnest kid ever. He came home the first day and said that the kids in this class scare him I asked why? and he said they are HUGE I suggested that he becomes their best friend and not to anger them. maybe we could buy them dounuts occassionally? just a suggestion. he tells me that he can lift 60-80 lbs at 4 repititions. over the weekend he asked me if I could see a difference in his muscle tone..........Of course I can I said, I was going to mention it, just forgot to?

That is the 1st week and a half of school. better get to my primary calling. Talk soon.