Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My House has Sickies

Well there seems to always be something going on at the Hart's and this week is not exception. On Monday morning I went in to wake Tanner up for school when he informed me that he was sick that he had a sore throat and he had been coughing since Sunday afternoon. So I got him up let him get into the tub and gave him some medicine then sent him back to bed. Called the doctor who advised we could just come into the lab and have him checked for strep throat. Sent Bill home to get him and take him. Bill called the doctors a couple hours later for them to tell us that the results came back negative! Well that's good. I guess we just have to let this one run it's course. On Tuesday early morning like 3:00 am early Tanner has woke me up he was crying saying that now his chest is hurting and his throat is killing him. I again put him into a warm tub to try to relax him and give him some Tylenol for the pain. get him settled back into bed around 3:30. I don;t bother to even wake him up for school knowing that he is still not ready to go back. call the doctor make an appointment for 11:00 have Bill take him since I already have an ortho app. for Landon later in the day. after lunch I call to see what the doctor told him and Bill said that it is a virus and that they gave him a virile antibiotic that they could only get through the hospital that is by the way not covered by our insurance and cost us $148.00. Boy can I say this better work! When I talked to Tanner later that day he informed that the doctor said he had some Phenomena in his chest I asked how that knew that and he said cause they took an X-Ray. Sure glad Bill was on top of things and knew all that was going on. They also gave him some cough medicine with Codine so he selpt like a baby last night. Now This morning when I went into to wake Landon up who by the way started coughing last night said he wasn't feeling very good but got up any way and got into the tub. ended up throwing up and going back to bed. so now both kids are home not feeling good. Last week it was Bill this the the kids. Looks like I better skip next week, not looking good for me. Everyone start praying that I don't get it!! hurry what are you waiting for......Start praying fast!

Monday, March 16, 2009


I was Tagged to post my 4th folder and 4th picture. Here it is, It's my cousin Alene on her 50th birthday. We decorated her cubicle here she is holding her blow up emergency port-a-potty.
What a fun day that was.

Now anyone who reads go and do the same thing!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Bad week for Tanner

I got a call from the vice principal that Tanner and his Science teacher were in need of a seperation for a short period of time so they put Tan in ISS (in school suspension) for that class period. I was totally fine with that and so was Tan. This teacher has not impressed me all year, he teacher at BYU in the evening and I think that he forgets that during the day he is only with 8th graders. I even think he has the same grading system for both places which happens to be focused more for BYU. Then a few days later I get an e-mail from Tanners Ceramics teacher telling me that Tanner had implanted a few metal cleaning tools into his project and then sent to be fired in the kiln. Which we all should have used our logical side of brain and know that would have been very bad for the kiln and really not good for re-using of a few tools. When I asked him what he was thinking he said he had placed them in there for wall supports. His project was a square flower box and he thought that they might not stay up before he could get it fired. So now he is no longer in ceramics and has been put in as a teachers aid, which they are going to let him use a study class to have help with his other classes. the vice Principal has actually been very nice through all this. But mean while Tanner had a bad week. Hopefully things can only get better.


Wow, well not much has changed since I last posted. The bathroom is still not done. Bill order a shower panel online and it is 5 weeks out. Instead of informing us they just went a head and charged our card and told us we will get it when we get it. Oh isn't that lovely! Bill has tried and tried to cancel our order but they are just ignoring us, Arhhhh. We even called them and they still refuse to cancel the order. Our credit card company said they can't do anything until March 27Th. We have order cultured granite for our shower and the Egyptian glass door. We now need to go figure out what we are going to do for the floor and new sink and cabinet. We have looked everyone and have a couple of ideas that we like, we just have to finalize our decision. Well I'll update you when there is something to talk about.