Sunday, January 27, 2013


I want to write down things I remember about raising two boys, I am sure if I had girls I would have just as many stories.  Life at the Harts have been filled with much laughter some tears and many smiles and yes some arguing.


Landon was a snugly baby right from the get go. I think he knew that I would need that since I had just lost my baby girl and my arms would be aching to hold my baby all the time. He still likes to lay on my lap and have me tickle his back while we watch TV. He is not home any more all that often so I try to take advantage of it when it happens.

Landon and I were buddies and when  I was home (not working) we were always together.  We would make trips to our local K-mart just to look around, he loved riding in the cart looking at all the toys, his favorite at this time in his short 1 year of life was Barney! a purple dinosaur!

He was a very easy baby and very laid back until it came to night time, this is the time he wanted to held the most. He would sleep and sleep until I laid him down.  After he was one I was trying to break him of this habit so I would go into him room and  just hold his hand through the slats of his crib, I gave up on this pretty fast as I was still having to get up and be right next to him. I went back to holding him. I am glad I did you can never turn back the hands of time.

He was eager to learn to read and write but school was not always his thing. All of his teachers thought he was ADHD and wanted him medicated.  by the time he hit 5th grade I talked to his doctor to see what he thought.  after some talking he had me convinced to try him on some medication, so as an experiment I gave him the medication and did not tell his teacher I did this as the doctor said that if he was indeed ADHD things a school would change immediately! Three months went by with no word from his teacher so I went in to get some homework that he had left and his teacher was still there and she once again started in on me about medicating him.....Hmmm that's interesting....I stated I was glad she brought it up, I said just for fun I want to ask you a question? has there been any change at all in the last 2-3 months with Landon in your class?  No none why she asks....That's when I informed her that he has been medicated and that since there has been no change he would no longer be taking the medicine and that she should stop bugging me about him being ADHD that he is just a boy!


Was not a snugly baby right from the get go! want to eat and be put down to put himself to sleep.  Only slept in my room one night as he was such a noisy sleeper, he groaned all night so I couldn't sleep!
Being the 2nd child I felt a teeny tiny bit of happiness that he was one that could put himself to sleep, since I worked full time had a 2 and 1/2 year old, I was a busy mom!  But on the other hand I missed having a baby that loved to be held!

Tanner went to LaPetite for pre-school and learned quick and was a really happy boy!  but of if he got mad watch out he could throw a tantrum that could last for hours! Everyone was always surprised when they would see this side of him, it would come on so quickly.

when he was about three i gave him a piece of bread with honey on it, as he was eating it I needed him to do something so I asked him to put it down, so he did upside down on my couch!  I said NOOOOOOOO why did you put it upside down .....and he then asked why did you put the honey on the bottom?

When in the 5th grade he got in trouble (for all thing)stealing a recycled cell phone. (they were doing some sort or recycle program ) so this phone he got in trouble for taking was no ones, it was garbage in which he tells me some other kids put it in his back pack to get him in trouble. None the less he got so mad for getting into trouble for something he claimed he didn't do he ran way from school. He teacher Mrs. Smith even left the class to go drive around to try to find him. By the time they got a hold of me they were in a panic and wanting to call the police it had been over an hour and no one could find him...They asked me if I wanted them to call the police, I told them no I was sure I could find him.  I left work on my way home I called the house and he answered. he informed me that he was home cleaning ( smart kid trying to get on moms good side) When I got home I informed he that I was taking him back to school that this was no way to resolve this situation. He told me that he lives in America and that I couldn't make him go back.  That we live in a FREE COUNTRY!  I kindly explained what living in a free country means and then I took him back to school!  Crisis over!

Oh the joys of boys!  More throw back memories to come!

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L.Melby said...

Your boys are awesome! I remember some good stories. With Tanner, it must be a May 22 thing. I was sweet and everyone thought I was just perfect... Until I could throw a fit and a half over the smallest thing.. I hope Alex is more like you.. ;) LOL! I can't wait to read more!