Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Perks of Being A Wall Flower

I just got home from seeing the movie "THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER" While I had never heard of it the title was catchy and I thought I might be able to relate. Oh how I related.

It is a story of a group of misfit high school kids who for one reason or another just didn't fit in with the "In Crowd"  Oh how I remember having those same feelings from time to time while I was trying my best to grow up. I remember those days as I walked the halls of my high school saying hi to those I past to only get the feeling I was invisible, it seemed at that time I had not one friend. To only turn around the next day to having everyone say hi back and some others even saying something kind to me that I was positive knew nothing of me just the prior day.

There were days that all you would hear is the "Gossip" and really who knows if any of what was being said had any truth at all. There sat someone by themselves and everyone just thought "What a looser" then there was the pretty girls and the jocks who you just wished for once knew you were alive!

Really and truly I loved high school as I look back It was a good time for me, I had friends many of them and there are a few that I still keep in touch with. And thanks to social media I have come to know some that back in the day....the days of high school for any number of reasons we did not connect. Probably for some of the reasons I listed earlier. Because in high school you just don't get it.  cannot even fathom what really matters. Oh if I could go back to those days with the knowledge I have today high school would be such a different experience.

What would I do differently:
I would not take everything so personally.  If someone didn't say "hi" back I would just keep smiling and say hi anyway.

That person that was sitting alone I would go and ask to sit with them. Try to get to know them.

You never know how your actions can affect a persons life. For better or worse.

I would try to make a new friend everyday.

I would do something unexpected, help someone some how big or small.

Not to judge

Be more accepting.

Be a real friend

Believe in youself

Take school more seriously, understand that you work habits there will carry with you.

As I watched this movie tonight I thought about these things and I think for most of the time I do these things.......Now.....Sure there is always room for improvement. I just wish we could learn them earlier in life.

Why can we not listen and learn from those that have already walked in our shoes? why must we learn through our own mistakes, hardships. If only we could see ahead to the future to know what really matters!

Even if others never see us as a Wall Flower......We have all been there.

Be the one who makes a difference in the life of someone else!

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